Monday, October 6, 2014

Real Talk

Writing/blogging/musing/contemplating your team is way easier when things are going wrong. It gives us common people an outlet to vent

When your team is firing on all cylinders there is way less to "contemplate" and "analyze". You just sit back and enjoy the smoke everyone is blowing up your backside. 

Our team is not a legitimate contender based on the way we have played the last two weeks. And there are a lot of people to blame. Good Bull Hunting hit the nail on the head with this beauty of an article. 

I doubt the "higher-ups" are out there following the blogosphere, but I sure do hope they turned the smoke machine off for now. 

Again, well done Justin Kaspar (@Ranger222) and Good Bull Hunting (@GBHunting). 

Go read the article.

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