Tuesday, October 28, 2014

I Cam See Clearly Now the Reign is Gone

I don't usually go around calling out players, but I'm about to.

Cam Clear is EASILY the biggest disappointment since Jeff Fuller (oh hey there Jeff, how's it going in the NFL? Wait, you're not in the NFL? What happened? You were supposed to be a shoe-in! You didn't cut it in the NFL? I can't imagine why).


To be fair, Cam Clear has had quite a bumpy road. He was recruited to Tennessee where the coach who recruited him (Lane Kiffin, now OC at Alabama) ditched him before he made it to campus (sorry about that). Clear played sparingly his freshman year for Derek Dooley (again, I feel for you, bro) where he got two starts and then stole a laptop from a baseball player. Now don't get me wrong, I'm all about players named "Cam" that steal laptops (see Cam Newton), but this ultimately led him to getting kicked from the team and send to Nowhere Arizona for his sophomore year. Then, after serving his sentence in the desert, he gets a second chance with our very own Texas A&M Aggies.

Second Chance!

So the Aggies get this big time JUCO transfer in 6'6" 227 TE Cameron Clear. Tell him to block and then catch a few balls right? Well in 2013 Cam plays in all 13 games and catches FOUR BALLS. JESUS CHRIST CLARENCE MCKINNEY! Talk about underutilizing our big threat! Let's fire that man! We do (well demote at least)! YES! Ok, Spavital, you like throwing the ball, let's make some CAMagic! Spavital talks about Cam Clear, like, EVERYTIME he is in front of a mike during the off season "yea he's having a great spring, we need to get the ball into his hands more" "you can expect to see a lot of Cam, he's really looking good this fall" "at 6'6" and 270, Cam gives us a very unique weapon, we'll definitely be utilizing him more this season"...

Third Chance...

Cam Clear gets ONE touch before being injured in the South Carolina game. C'MON CAM, I PICKED YOU IN THE FIFTH ROUND OF MY COLLEGE FANTASY TEAM! Well now he's been back from injury for three straight losses where he's touched the ball all of three times for 23 yards.


Cam Clear is a complete liability on offense. He cannot block (hi, have you ever met a Tight End that doesn't block? No? Didn't think so), he cannot run routes, he constantly messes up protection, and he brings absolutely zero senior leadership to a team BEGGING for leadership. I honestly think that Spavital knows this and just keeps leading us on because he wants opponents to game-plan for Cam, thinking that might mess them up. Well guess what, Spav, IT IS NOT WORKING!

I Cam't stand this anymore

Cam being on the field hurts our offense. He allows sacks on our QB, he ruins swing plays, he cannot run-block, and he is not a threat in the passing game. I'm dropping him from my college fantasy team and I hope Spavital does the same with his college real team.

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  1. As big of a disappointment as Cam has been, we have had some GREAT surprises at WR.

    Keep Cam and Sabian off the field...