Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Matt Joeckel to Transfer, Good or Bad?

Matt Joeckel is transferring to another school for his final year of eligibility.

[COLLEGE STATION-- Texas A&M graduate and Aggie quarterback Matt Joeckel will take advantage of an NCAA transfer rule to pursue his final year of athletic eligibility at another institution.

"Matt is a great Aggie and he has decided to transfer," Aggie head football coach Kevin Sumlin said. "We wish him all the best."

"I have loved my four and a half years at Texas A&M," Joeckel said. "I am glad I had the opportunity to play for Coach Sumlin, Coach (Jake) Spavital and the rest of the coaches. I am proud to have my degree from the Mays Business School and I'll always consider myself a member of the Aggie family."]

So this leaves us with TWO scholarship quarterbacks: Kenny Hill and Kyle Allen. One is a sophomore and the other is a true freshman.

Now, I think both guys are going to be real competitors at the QB position, so I'm not too worried about picking a starter. However, I am worried about depth at the position in case of an injury. Say Kenny Hill finds himself in a planters box the Friday night before the season opening game against South Carolina and Kyle Allen has to start the first game of the season and tweaks his ankle in the first quarter. Who goes in then? Well the actual answer is our undersized, walk-on, red-headed step-quarterback Connor McQueen (aka A&M's current version of Rudy). But my point is that we would be in an extremely unfavorable position if our red-headed walk-on were to play three quarters of our season opener at South Carolina. 

In the days of Stephen McGee and Jerrod Johnson, we didn't have this problem because the backup QB was always the most popular guy. So there was definitely the incentive to hang around for your chance to replace the struggling starter. 

But that's the catch-22 to having successful QBs. Guys who can start elsewhere but ride the bench at your school will leave. Georgia has had a fantastic string of successful QBs, but former Georgia QBs who didn't win the starting job ended up doing well for themselves by transferring. One ended up at LSU and is now one of the top 5 QBs in the draft and the other just took Auburn to the National Championship Game. 

So what do successful programs do exactly? I'm seriously asking because, as an Aggie, I've never been privileged with being a program that is successful at the QB position. If you have a clue, leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Comment #1 from Scott Klovans: Oh, oh, oh... pick me! I wanna chime in!

How about Matt Joeckel not be a selfish poo head?

This isn't Matt Davis we are talking about. This is fifth year, I probably should have ate more and been an O-linemen like my brother, senior Matt Joeckel. Matt Davis was one year into college and while he was definitely not a 'refined' QB, nobody was doubting the athleticism oozing out of his pores. He lost the QB job to some kid named Johnny and decided he needed to take his talents elsewhere, fair enough, I don't fault him in the least bit.

But Matt Joeckel? What are you venturing out to do? Start for one-year at a middle tier school and give the NFL a shot? I am pretty sure the coaching staff (or anybody for that matter) would have seen and recognized NFL talent if it was hidden somewhere in Joeckel's right arm. But that doesn't seem to be the case. So instead of sticking it out in Aggie land and being a lovely little insurance option for our now elite program, Joeckel will bolt to a new, likely forgettable, home.

How about we don't thank Matt Joeckel for all the contributions he didn't make? Aggie fans favorite thing to do is hug and kiss every last player who leaves A&M and emphasizes how much they love maroon and all things College Station. Ten bucks says when Matt Joeckel works for TexAgs in three years.

As for the state of our program and our current depth (or lack there of) issue... screw it. If Kenny Hill ends up in a shirtless mug shot after a north gate scuffle and Kyle Allen decides to get paid for signing autographs to a disguised Darren Rovell, well, just ditch this Air-Raid offense and get Tra, Trey and Brandon out there and revitalize the option. Heck, bring back Stephen McGee to be a "toughness consultant" if need be. Plus, our defense returns almost everybody, that means they will be really good right? Wait, you are telling me they weren't good last year? Crap. I may have digressed too far.


  1. Looks like he is headed to TCU. How do you Horned Frogs feel about that? Yes, I'm talking to all 6 of you TCU grads that actually follow college football.