Wednesday, February 5, 2014

National Signing Day!

Today should be a holiday, plain and simple. College football rules all and today determines who will rule in the near future.

Fortunate for all those that enjoy substantial time at a computer each day we have more than enough access to follow all the fun. Got a dual monitor? I highly suggest pulling up ESPNU via Watch ESPN.

Want to follow a live feed of what the Aggies are doing? I highly suggest wandering over to GigEm247 or Good Bull Hunting to see what's going on. GigEm247 has the rock-hard facts (and the delightfully fun Crystal Ball feature in which yours truly gets to make his picks) and GBH has the rock-hard commentary.

Let's take a trip down memory lane and enjoy a wonderfully confusing video I broke down last year...

If by mistake you search "Texas A&M recruitment" on youtube (as opposed to "Texas A&M recruiting") you may just come across this gem... which ironically could be helpful when enticing horny high school football players...

Happy National Signing Day!!!!

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