Sunday, December 21, 2014

The Best QB in the History of Texas High School Football?

You can't say enough about what Kyler Murray has done over the past three years at Allen High School, but the conversation begins and ends with 43-0 and 3 straight 6A State Titles. 

Murray ends his magnificent career with 10,366 passing yards, 4,267 rushing yards, 185 total TDs, while being the only two-time National Gatorade Player of the Year.

But stats are just stats, especially in a day and age where it is hard to control for types of offenses and quality of defenses, but one stat will never in the history of Texas High School Football be eclipsed: wins. As a sophomore, Murray came off the bench (due to injury) in the middle of the 2012 season to defeat the defending state champs, Southlake Carroll, 24-0. Since then, he has led his team to victory in the next 42 games straight, finishing off 2012 undefeated and State Champs, and then rounding out his junior and senior seasons with a pair of undefeated State Championship runs.

Kyler leaves High School never having lost a single game in three years of Texas 6A football. That has never been done and likely will never be repeated. 

Oh yea, and did I mention he's committed to play for Texas A&M??? 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

I Cam See Clearly Now the Reign is Gone

I don't usually go around calling out players, but I'm about to.

Cam Clear is EASILY the biggest disappointment since Jeff Fuller (oh hey there Jeff, how's it going in the NFL? Wait, you're not in the NFL? What happened? You were supposed to be a shoe-in! You didn't cut it in the NFL? I can't imagine why).


To be fair, Cam Clear has had quite a bumpy road. He was recruited to Tennessee where the coach who recruited him (Lane Kiffin, now OC at Alabama) ditched him before he made it to campus (sorry about that). Clear played sparingly his freshman year for Derek Dooley (again, I feel for you, bro) where he got two starts and then stole a laptop from a baseball player. Now don't get me wrong, I'm all about players named "Cam" that steal laptops (see Cam Newton), but this ultimately led him to getting kicked from the team and send to Nowhere Arizona for his sophomore year. Then, after serving his sentence in the desert, he gets a second chance with our very own Texas A&M Aggies.

Second Chance!

So the Aggies get this big time JUCO transfer in 6'6" 227 TE Cameron Clear. Tell him to block and then catch a few balls right? Well in 2013 Cam plays in all 13 games and catches FOUR BALLS. JESUS CHRIST CLARENCE MCKINNEY! Talk about underutilizing our big threat! Let's fire that man! We do (well demote at least)! YES! Ok, Spavital, you like throwing the ball, let's make some CAMagic! Spavital talks about Cam Clear, like, EVERYTIME he is in front of a mike during the off season "yea he's having a great spring, we need to get the ball into his hands more" "you can expect to see a lot of Cam, he's really looking good this fall" "at 6'6" and 270, Cam gives us a very unique weapon, we'll definitely be utilizing him more this season"...

Third Chance...

Cam Clear gets ONE touch before being injured in the South Carolina game. C'MON CAM, I PICKED YOU IN THE FIFTH ROUND OF MY COLLEGE FANTASY TEAM! Well now he's been back from injury for three straight losses where he's touched the ball all of three times for 23 yards.


Cam Clear is a complete liability on offense. He cannot block (hi, have you ever met a Tight End that doesn't block? No? Didn't think so), he cannot run routes, he constantly messes up protection, and he brings absolutely zero senior leadership to a team BEGGING for leadership. I honestly think that Spavital knows this and just keeps leading us on because he wants opponents to game-plan for Cam, thinking that might mess them up. Well guess what, Spav, IT IS NOT WORKING!

I Cam't stand this anymore

Cam being on the field hurts our offense. He allows sacks on our QB, he ruins swing plays, he cannot run-block, and he is not a threat in the passing game. I'm dropping him from my college fantasy team and I hope Spavital does the same with his college real team.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Monumental Mississippi Meltdown

@Scotto taking on the infamous chicken fried hotdog
during the Ole Miss debacle.
Ahhh yes! Now this is true Aggie Football blogging! Back when we started Aggie Rundown, there was plenty of criticism to hand out and there were so many discussions to have that we were basically printing money. Then, all of a sudden, Johnny became fantastic and we could no longer complain. Well here we are now, looking back at the worst two losses in the Sumlin era and wondering what in the world happened? Lucky for you, we at Aggie Rundown are quite skilled in filling you in on what you should and should not worry about, where we’ll likely go from here, and how to make sense of the mess going on in the SEC West right now.

What to make of these monumental losses

Well for starters, Miss State and Ole Miss are both really good teams this year. Alabama, Auburn, and LSU have all fallen victim to the senior laden schools from Mississippi this season. While Alabama lost in a tight game that came down to the end, both Auburn and LSU were handily taken to the woodshed just like A&M. These are two schools who have been recruiting quite well as of late and are hitting their stride at the right time, but don’t forget that A&M is still 4-2 against both schools since joining the conference, so it’s not like the sky is falling. Specifically talking Ole Miss, consider this; their senior QB, Bo Wallace had a rather fantastic day by opening up the pass game (178 passing yards and 1 TD) with his running abilities (50 rushing yards and 2 TDs). Still, we gave their offense 3 TDs. Now, you know what didn’t happen to the three year starter, Bo Wallace, the last two years? He didn’t beat A&M, and he didn’t Bama. He’s never beat A&M until last week and he’s never beat Bama until two weeks ago. The reality of the situation is that Johnny Manziel was good enough to leave early for the NFL and Bo wasn’t. That means Ole Miss gets to return a three year started and A&M doesn’t. Hypothetically speaking, does anyone think the game goes the same way if Johnny were slinging the rock in CS last night? Or how about if both Johnny and Mike were still around? Well (like LSU and Alabama) we were punished for our success over the last two years by early departures to the NFL, something Miss State and Ole Miss didn’t have to deal with because of their lack of success over the same period. Sumlin has seen 8 players drafted over the last three years where Ole Miss has seen 1. More specifically, in just the last two drafts, Sumlin has seen 5 years of extra eligibility drafted in the first round where Freeze has seen none. I’m NOT saying that’s an excuse for losing, but I am saying things have lined up really well for the Mississippi schools to finally dish out what they’ve been eating the last two years.

What do we do now?

Well, first off, we need a change in our offense. Period. Now, I don’t personally believe that Sumlin needs to step in and take over play-calling from Spavital (though that is a very real option), but either the play calling is off or the playing is off so, if it’s not Spavital’s doing, then it must be on Kenny. I’m eerily reminded of the early days of 2010 when Jerrod had a hype-filled first few fluff games that led to his notorious “dark-horse Heisman” bullshit and then he dropped 3 games in a row where Jerrod had useless inflated stats that did not at all reflect how much he was hurting our offense. You know why else this reminds me of that year? Because Kenny is throwing ducks all over the field, he’s afraid of the deep ball, and he’s completing a high percentage of short throws that are becoming overly predictable. We can’t run the ball because they aren’t respecting our deep passing game and then we get down early, resulting in us throwing more to try and catch up. So, in my expert Aggie Rundown opinion, we need to let Kyle Allen see the field. Afterall, unleashing future Miami Dolphins starting QB, Ryan Tannehill, was the second smartest decision Sherman ever made while at A&M (second to recruiting Johnny, obviously).

How the West is won

Does Arkansas win a divisional game? Does LSU? Will they demand to fire Les Miles after this impossibly difficult season? (Actually, those tigers just might be dumb enough to do that, but I digress). Ole Miss, Miss State, Alabama, and Auburn are all still in the hunt for the West. Right now, Miss State is ranked #1 in the country and Ole Miss is sitting still at #3. Auburn and Alabama are just behind at #6 and #7, respectively, as the highest one loss teams in the country. But each team still has two more matchups against another team in the foursome, so there's still plenty of football to be played. The key here is that the Mississippi schools don't have to leave their state for any of those remaining games against the Alabama schools so I think the Mississippis sweep the Alabamas and Ole Miss ultimately wins the SEC as they are the home team in what will be the biggest Egg Bowl this side of Easter Sunday. Look, in this day and age (with #5 Baylor taking the lead in the Big 12 by defeating #9 TCU) you have to set aside your preconceived notions about the smaller college football brands because Ole Miss and Miss State have arrived and that will only make for more and more exciting meaningful games in Kyle Field.

Speaking of Kyle Field, how about that environment! Man, those 110,633 fans were really loud for two and a half Ole Miss possessions. Rumor has it the place got loud again in the third, but Aggie Rundown was busy trying to run down some chicken friend hotdogs in the bellows of the new student side during this portion of the game, so we cannot confirm.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Real Talk

Writing/blogging/musing/contemplating your team is way easier when things are going wrong. It gives us common people an outlet to vent

When your team is firing on all cylinders there is way less to "contemplate" and "analyze". You just sit back and enjoy the smoke everyone is blowing up your backside. 

Our team is not a legitimate contender based on the way we have played the last two weeks. And there are a lot of people to blame. Good Bull Hunting hit the nail on the head with this beauty of an article. 

I doubt the "higher-ups" are out there following the blogosphere, but I sure do hope they turned the smoke machine off for now. 

Again, well done Justin Kaspar (@Ranger222) and Good Bull Hunting (@GBHunting). 

Go read the article.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

SEC West is a Different Version of College Football

Well the week 4 AP rankings are out and it's just more of the same:

#3 Alabama
#4 Auburn
#6 Texas A&M
#8 LSU
#10 Ole Miss

My first reaction was "holy hell we're playing FIVE top ten teams (including the opener against USC) this season?!?!" Granted, I realize that that isn't fully true based upon the reality that Auburn and LSU play each other before we play either of them, so the loser could likely drop out of the top 10. (Not to mention the MANY remaining upset opportunities looming ahead of us this season). But FIVE of the seven teams in the SEC West are currently ranked in the top 10 teams in the Nation!

Do I want our team to win a National Championship? ABSOLUTELY. Is that going to be hard to do with such an impossibly difficult schedule? ABSOLUTELY. But let me tell you something else, I also really like watching exciting, relevant, competitive collegiate football games! We spent all last week complaining about how unfair it was to play someone of the caliber of Lamar two weeks ago and then repeated that same scenario by playing Rice this past week (don't expect that to change going into this week against a coach-less SMU team). And who's fault is that? I mean, no one complained about our lack of competition when we lost to Arkansas State back in 2008. 

Well here's how I really feel. I legitimately feel awesome that Texas A&M will be involved in so many marquee top ten match-ups. It's fun to play other top ten teams with the entire nation checking in on the score! Something that gets forgotten and avoided with all of this conference watering down the PAC 12, Big 10, and Big 12 have done over the last few years. 

We look forward to big-time bowl games because they are, more often than not, a great pairing of two equally talented and intriguing teams, but the reality is that the teams in the SEC West get to see these types of games every other week. 

That builds a following, nourishes a fan base, and breeds competition. Winners want to win, but to be the best, you have to play the best AND beat the best. And no one is more excited about this sentiment than die-hard Aggie fans.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Wake up! College Football is here!

In anticipation for the kickoff to College Football tonight, here's a quick back and forth between Trey and Scott discussing tonight's game. College Football is BACK!
Trey: I can't get it out of my head that the whole Johnny Finger hoopla was one final "It's over, move on" gesture to us Aggies.
Don't get me wrong, I'll still follow Johnny just like I still follow Tannehill, but the last 18 months have made talking about A&M Football just TOO DARN EASY. Sports hot takes left and right, but finally we are emerging through the cloud of construction dust (no pun intended) to see what we have truly been building over the last two whirlwind years in the SEC.
1) Respect in the SEC West
2) Immeasurable recruiting success in the state of Texas
3) A new and halfway completed Kyle Field
4) National brand recognition for our program and our head coach
5) Finally, a new starting quarterback that everyone likes!
So many things to discuss, where do you want to start?
Scott: I honestly don't follow you on the Johnny Finger hoopla. I don't think it is over in the least bit! The Browns might be my favorite NFL team at the moment (thanks for nothing Jerry Jones). Tannehill was fun and all, but Johnny was transcendent, Johnny was pure adrenaline and excitement. And it was all done for an A&M football team that had been starved of success over the past decade. I don't know what you are talking about Mr. Bahney, but I don't think I like it.
I can't wait for football season to start, but there is definitely a part of me that fears that the regular season might bring us back to earth a bit. Let's be real. We own the state of Texas right now. We are the powerhouse recruiting facility now.  Top notch guys are literally tripping over themselves to play in the SEC AND in the state of Texas. Our dear friends in Austin promised us the coaching search of the century and came out of it with probably their 5th or 6th name on their list. We rode Mathews and Evans and Johnny all the way to the NFL draft and soaked up every accolade on the way. It was all great fun. But now comes football again. Real, competitive, football. Are we ready?
I still think our defense is a year away. And I personally can't get over the Claiborne and Golden hiccup. What in the world were those guys thinking? THEY WERE ARE TWO BEST RETURNING PLAYERS IN OUR FRONT SEVEN. I always find it humorous when the media gets concerned over some second string cornerback who gets booted off the team, I mean seriously? Sure that guy could develop, but that won't make or break you. Losing your best linebacker AND your best defensive lineman? On a defense that already folded like a wet taco... yea, that does not bode well. My genuine hope for our defense (in a semi-best case scenario)? Deshazor and DeVante prove to be a solid CB duo and prevent any insane air attacks on us, Mastro plops into the middle of our defense and becomes our productive, smart emotional leader, and lastly, Myles Garrett pulls a Clowney type freshmen year out of his ass. If those things happen, coupled with a competent Mark Snyder rejuvenation, I think we could have an average defense that could keep us in games. 
And that brings us to our offense... which I will let you do the honors...
Trey: Whoa careful there, I spent all spring rationalizing away any positives about Clowney so that I could talk myself into thinking the Texans would actually take a much needed QB in Manziel.
But yes, let's discuss the offense!
1) True sophomore Kenny Hill gets the start. He's a solid 6'2" 215 lb. dual-threat QB who knows this system very well. In high school, Kenny ran an extremely similar offensive system to a 5A State Championship at Southlake Carroll. He's been around coaches who know how to win and he's not one to shy away when the heat is on. Expect to see his name thrown out there a lot because he's the only real variable on this offense in terms of expected productivity.
Speaking of QBs, I want to give a shout-out to one of the best Ags out there, former walk-on QB Conner McQueen, as he earned himself a football scholarship. Big congrats to the ultimate gamer.
2) Stacked offensive line: same song, second verse. Texas A&M is really building a name for themselves with this continued success at the O-line. For the third year in a row, we start the season with a projected top ten NFL pick in Cedric Ogbuehi and, correct me if I'm wrong, return three of the other four starters? Including Mike Matthews at center, the younger brother of this past year's top 10 pick, Jake Matthews. Mike starting for the second year in a row at center is HUGE for this type of high-tempo offense.
3) Stacked backfield: same song, third verse. It has been nearly five years since we didn't have a five star running back in our pocket and the trend continues this year with both Trey Williams and Brandon Williams (unrelated) expected to get PLENTY of touches. That being said, I'm really expecting to see Tra Carson take the majority of early game snaps based upon his ability to pound the ball and pick up the much needed 4-5 yards while we get the offense in gear. Word from training camp has it that Carson is also the best at picking up the blitz and helping out the young QB which is vital to the starting RB position in Sumlin's eyes.
Jeez, I didn't even make it to our receivers. Do you know if we have anyone who can catch a ball?
Scott: Well by golly we do have wide receivers... an abundance of them. Figuring out who will be the key contributors is the tricky part though. Obviously Ricky and Speedy are the most intriguing, heck on talent and projectability (is that a word?) they might be the best wide receiver combo in the nation. Given that they are still inexperienced (and they have an inexperienced QB throwing to them) I highly doubt they justify that irrational praise this year, but hey, who knows? Both of those guys bring so much to the table, Ricky has the size to make him a red zone terror and Speedy has the versatility to make him a more athletic/dynamic Ryan Swope (you like that cross-racial comparison?). From everything I have heard those two will play... a lot. So what happens after them? People have been buzzing about this Josh Reynolds character, but (and feel free to call me a bad Ag) I legitimately know nothing about him. He hasn't registered on my sexy/boner meter. We also have the wily old veteran in Malcome Kennedy. I think he plays a vital role in being the unsung, steady contributor. Could Sabian Holmes be rejuvenated with the arrival of his old high school QB partner? Will Quiv be upset that Speedy is taking his "speedy, electric semi-small guy" persona? Do our tight ends become relevant? Do we need a tight end when Ricky can be our own version of Jimmy Graham? Lots of questions out there. At the end of the day, I think Malcolm Kennedy becomes Mr. Reliable and, assuming our QB's can get them the ball, either Ricky or Speedy (or both) become national names.
So the day is here... what do you think will happen? A buddy asked me my prediction and I thought to myself, "well I of course want to win so what's the point of 'predicting' anything else?"
So lets go ahead and win our initial big hype game this year. We are a rejuvenated program, 2014 is a new year. Ags win 24 - 21. Lambo kicks a go ahead field goal midway through the 4th quarter. SPECIAL TEAMS!
Trey: Absolutely no mention of Cam Clear??? Bold move, Cotton, we'll see how it plays out for you. I do agree though, Malcolm Kennedy is going to be the star of the passing game for at least the first 6 games. He's that senior receiver who doesn't care about politics or "fat girlfriends" or anything except getting his shot at the League (a la Labhart and Swope).
I think the Ags start slow on Defense and the Ags go into the half down 14-24. But Sumlin has shown to be a third quarter coach (see Cotton Bowl) and he gets help from Speedy who takes a punt back for a TD in the third to finally take the lead for the first time. Ags go on to win 42-38.
It's here! Now go turn on your Nationally Broadcasted SEC Network and watch it!

Friday, June 6, 2014

Who Controls the Heat on College Football?

In case you haven’t heard, Darian Claiborne and Isaiah Golden were kicked off of the A&M Football team this week after being arrested for aggravated assault. The two former players are being charged with robbing three men at gun-point in a drug deal that went sour. One can only hope this is a turning point for the two boys who drastically excel in one area of their lives, football, but drastically fall short in another, ethics. The compounding nature of the event (drugs, guns, assault, and theft) tell a pretty grim story-line and lead you to deduce this is not likely to have been the first time the two have dabbled in these activities. Should the two have known better? Absolutely. Who’s fault is it that these boys didn’t? Largely debatable.

Andre Ware, ESPN personality and former run-and-gun star at the University of Houston, would have you believe this is just another sign that Kevin Sumlin has no control over his football team. Meanwhile, the average A&M fan is applauding Sumlin for making an example out of the two. So which is right?

Here’s my take. We, as fans, get what we deserve.

We’ve built a society where only the exceptional stand out. If you’re the top 1%, you get 90% of the recognition and scrutiny. In football terms, this works just fine! If you’re the best player on the team, then you should get plenty of attention for being really good at something you are constantly working to improve. But what about the other areas of your life? The non-football aspects? Kyle Allen was the #1 rated QB in the nation in last year’s recruiting class, but how well does he treat his younger siblings? Does Kyle Allen even have any younger siblings? What about his driving skills? It doesn’t matter, he is really good at throwing a football so we’ll prop him up as a well intentioned young man with good leadership skills and a welcoming smile. We’ll fill in the rest of the story for you until something in life happens that makes us admit he may have faults. Is Speedy Noil good at following through on promises? Does Speedy cook a fancy dinner for his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day? Do we care? Not one bit. No, we only start caring when they see success on the field. THEN we care about every little detail (just Google “Johnny Football TMZ”). Why is this? Because we care about WINNING. Anyone who has proven to be successful on the field now becomes a potential liability if they let something else in their lives interfere with their dedication to helping our team WIN. We DRIVE our most successful members of society into neglecting the other areas of their development until they trip up and then we either cover-up for them so as to not alarm anyone else that there may be an issue or we cut ties with them and cast them off to be crucified by the media.

This is not a football concept. This is the same process that happens with other child stars (i.e. Lindsey Lohan, Justin Bieber, or the Olsen Twins). It absolutely baffles me when people expect Justin Bieber to be a good role model just because he is excellent at entertaining a crowd with music. If anything, we should be EXPECTING these highly specialized individuals to be missing key components of their development due to the amount of dedication they have committed to their specialized area of expertise.

So this is the world we have created, one where we gorge on every little piece of information that may help our team WIN, but distance ourselves from the negative result of our empowerment. So why then is everyone so surprised when these mini-stars that we have created go haywire? Would Lindsey Lohan have gone so crazy had she not been the subject of this massive media scrutiny for years upon years? Perhaps. It’s impossible to say one way or the other, but she certainly isn’t done any favors by the millions of adoring fans she had showering her with money just to turn on her when she was no longer the flavor of the week. Build them up just to tear them down. Same song stuck on repeat.

So to my point, Golden and Claiborne are far from the first punks to decide to bring a gun to a drug dispute, but we only care about this incident because it impacts our ability to WIN. Let’s not be na├»ve enough to think that Sumlin is getting paid $5 million a year to turn our team into shining examples of community servants. In fact, he’s paid to turn them into obsessive work-aholics with largely unrealistic dreams and living in a highly visible and sterile “if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the fire” environment. We can all pretend that having a coach who builds strong, honest young men is vital. But let's not kid ourselves, if Ghandi groomed stellar young men, but never won an SEC game he would be canned in two years. 

This is the environment we have created. And Sumlin is currently inhabiting it. Certainly, keeping his players out of trouble is ultimately beneficial to his ability to win, but that’s just it, he’s ONLY paid to WIN.

And we’re the ones paying him.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Who is Conner McQueen and Is He a Good Ag?

Who is Conner McQueen? And is he a good Ag?

Those are two questions I have asked myself since we heard the news of a quarterback who-shall-not-be-named stabbed us in the back with an abrupt, unjustified transfer to some school that plays in the highly-acclaimed Big 12. But seriously, considering that one of our potential starting quarterbacks was eating at a high school cafeteria less than six months ago and the other one may or may not be developing a case of north gate narcolepsy, well, maybe we should get to know this third stringer. Believe it or not, Mr. McQueen is only two missteps (albeit dramatic missteps) away from staring directly into the eyes of some foaming South Carolina linebacker in four months. But seriously, who is this kid? And more importantly does he have what it takes to be a good Ag?

Conner McQueen is 5’10 and 175 pounds per GigEm247. Ok, that’s not a good start. Those measurements pretty much just make him a more athletic version of me… which probably doesn’t bode well for a Saturday afternoon in SEC country. Ok, ok… Johnny was small right? But does he have those big, beautiful, well-moisturized hands like Johnny? (Sidenote: it legitimately took me like two minutes to find four articles on the internet with "Johnny" and "Hands" in the title... the internet is great). Well, much to my surprise, I am finding it a little hard to get information regarding Conner’s hands via Google search. (Sidenote: the internet has failed me). I might have to find a way to ask him myself. Wait! That is a great idea. Connor isn’t big time yet. He most definitely could carve out a few minutes in his day to answer a formal “get-to-know you” Aggie Rundown survey. The best way to get to answers is to go straight to the source. My mind is racing with questions already, but, before we get to the official survey let’s go ahead and throw out all the facts I can dig up as well as define some general expectations of what make a good Ag.

First the Conner McQueen facts:
  • He is a 20 year-old (honestly just guessing... can't find his birth date) sophomore from Klein, Texas.
  • He attended Klein Oak high school.
  • Via a random Houston Chronicle article in September 2011 Conner McQueen, “prefers to stay in the pocket, go through his progressions and make reads.” Full disclosure; that quote was made in comparison to some fast guy that McQueen split QB duties with at Klein Oak. But yea, any info works. Also, here's video proof of him being more accurate and having more "fire" than both Johnny and Kenny. We can now deduce that McQueen is a pro-style quarterback. Cool.
  • Via a not-so-random Sports Illustrated article in March 2014 Conner McQueen recently received an SEC Academic Honor Roll plaque. And he was berated for being a red head by that guy who transferred. And he responded with a “Mucus Lucas” joke (don’t know what that means). Ok, the puzzle is putting itself together. McQueen is a cerebral, pro-style quarterback with the ability to keep his teammates loose (with jokes) in tough situations. Very cool.
That is literally all I can find. But hey, we got some good stuff there though. I am honestly becoming quite the fan of Mr. McQueen. Before we turn it over to a questionnaire that we will bug Conner to answer via Twitter, let’s go over a few quick guidelines of what makes a good Ag. Because let’s be real, if Conner isn’t a red-ass (no pun intended) fightin’ Texas Aggie to the core… well he just isn’t worthy of our growing admiration.

Quick qualities of a good Ag: Loves College Station water. Attends Big Event. Respects Sul Ross' positive energy. Loves Lyle Lovett. Starts a new A&M organization. Tries out to be the 12th Man. Agrees with all of Rick Perry's policies. Irrationally despises Robert Griffin III. Mugging down with hot babes.

Quick qualities of a bad Ag: Neglects Sul Ross' positive energy. Disrespects Layne's historical importance. Talks loud in the Flag Room. Steps on the grass. Doesn't tear up when George Bush Sr. and Barb show up at A&M events. Doesn't believe in Century Tree love.

There we go, some general "Ag Expectations". Without further ado, here is your questionnaire (12 questions of course... WHOOP!!!) Conner. Please email your detailed, honest answers to The world is waiting.
  1. Tell me about your hands. Like everything. How big are they? Are they well-manicured? Do you moisturize? Is that important? If so, what is your moisturizer of choice?
  2. How many silver taps have you attended? And don’t you lie; we will find the attendance records.
  3. Did you join any organizations as a freshman? Did you get rejected from any organizations? Do you have organizational plans for the future? What is one organization you would NOT want to be a part of? Why?
  4. What is your best attribute on the football field?
  5. Does your red hair help or hurt you with the ladies?
  6. Does being a walk-on football player help you with the ladies? Have you ever mugged down with a sweet lady friend at Midnight Yell?
  7. What Sorority have you taken a liking to?
  8. Have you met Drake yet? Do you want to meet Drake? Do you want to be in his Regime?
  9. Are you a 4th generation Aggie? 3rd generation? ANYTHING?!?!?!
  10. What is your favorite Corp Squadron/Unit? Your least favorite?
  11. Have you ever received "monetary incentive" to sign autographs? Can Aggie Rundown provide "monetary incentive" for game-used, signed memorabilia?
  12. If the Dry Bean was going to make a Conner McQueen shot, what would it be?
Seriously, Conner. 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Matt Joeckel to Transfer, Good or Bad?

Matt Joeckel is transferring to another school for his final year of eligibility.

[COLLEGE STATION-- Texas A&M graduate and Aggie quarterback Matt Joeckel will take advantage of an NCAA transfer rule to pursue his final year of athletic eligibility at another institution.

"Matt is a great Aggie and he has decided to transfer," Aggie head football coach Kevin Sumlin said. "We wish him all the best."

"I have loved my four and a half years at Texas A&M," Joeckel said. "I am glad I had the opportunity to play for Coach Sumlin, Coach (Jake) Spavital and the rest of the coaches. I am proud to have my degree from the Mays Business School and I'll always consider myself a member of the Aggie family."]

So this leaves us with TWO scholarship quarterbacks: Kenny Hill and Kyle Allen. One is a sophomore and the other is a true freshman.

Now, I think both guys are going to be real competitors at the QB position, so I'm not too worried about picking a starter. However, I am worried about depth at the position in case of an injury. Say Kenny Hill finds himself in a planters box the Friday night before the season opening game against South Carolina and Kyle Allen has to start the first game of the season and tweaks his ankle in the first quarter. Who goes in then? Well the actual answer is our undersized, walk-on, red-headed step-quarterback Connor McQueen (aka A&M's current version of Rudy). But my point is that we would be in an extremely unfavorable position if our red-headed walk-on were to play three quarters of our season opener at South Carolina. 

In the days of Stephen McGee and Jerrod Johnson, we didn't have this problem because the backup QB was always the most popular guy. So there was definitely the incentive to hang around for your chance to replace the struggling starter. 

But that's the catch-22 to having successful QBs. Guys who can start elsewhere but ride the bench at your school will leave. Georgia has had a fantastic string of successful QBs, but former Georgia QBs who didn't win the starting job ended up doing well for themselves by transferring. One ended up at LSU and is now one of the top 5 QBs in the draft and the other just took Auburn to the National Championship Game. 

So what do successful programs do exactly? I'm seriously asking because, as an Aggie, I've never been privileged with being a program that is successful at the QB position. If you have a clue, leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Comment #1 from Scott Klovans: Oh, oh, oh... pick me! I wanna chime in!

How about Matt Joeckel not be a selfish poo head?

This isn't Matt Davis we are talking about. This is fifth year, I probably should have ate more and been an O-linemen like my brother, senior Matt Joeckel. Matt Davis was one year into college and while he was definitely not a 'refined' QB, nobody was doubting the athleticism oozing out of his pores. He lost the QB job to some kid named Johnny and decided he needed to take his talents elsewhere, fair enough, I don't fault him in the least bit.

But Matt Joeckel? What are you venturing out to do? Start for one-year at a middle tier school and give the NFL a shot? I am pretty sure the coaching staff (or anybody for that matter) would have seen and recognized NFL talent if it was hidden somewhere in Joeckel's right arm. But that doesn't seem to be the case. So instead of sticking it out in Aggie land and being a lovely little insurance option for our now elite program, Joeckel will bolt to a new, likely forgettable, home.

How about we don't thank Matt Joeckel for all the contributions he didn't make? Aggie fans favorite thing to do is hug and kiss every last player who leaves A&M and emphasizes how much they love maroon and all things College Station. Ten bucks says when Matt Joeckel works for TexAgs in three years.

As for the state of our program and our current depth (or lack there of) issue... screw it. If Kenny Hill ends up in a shirtless mug shot after a north gate scuffle and Kyle Allen decides to get paid for signing autographs to a disguised Darren Rovell, well, just ditch this Air-Raid offense and get Tra, Trey and Brandon out there and revitalize the option. Heck, bring back Stephen McGee to be a "toughness consultant" if need be. Plus, our defense returns almost everybody, that means they will be really good right? Wait, you are telling me they weren't good last year? Crap. I may have digressed too far.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Let the Big Dog Eat

Excuse us here at Aggie Rundown for going into hibernation. As Aggie fans NCAA basketball season has now become quite depressing. Thanks Kennedy for running our program into the ground and chasing away any semblance of talent we might have had. We were always competitive under Turgeon, you can't deny that. His teams played hard and despite never really having an offensive gem post Acie Law, they still managed to rumble into the tourney each year and make a little bit of noise. I always wondered with Turgeon though, was he getting the most out of flawed players or was he failing to develop seemingly talented, four-star guys (Dash, Loubeau, Davis, etc.). Who knows. All I know is our basketball team is depressing.


Obviously the Aggie world is intently following the eventual landing spot of our hero Johnny Manziel, but let's pause for a brief moment and celebrate his favorite receiver, Mike Evans.

Check out this enticing little piece written by Grantland's Robert Mays about Mike Evans eventually becoming a NEW quarterback's best friend.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

NSD, 2014 Expectations, NFL Draft Dreams and Other Thoughts...

National Signing Day is in the books. Spring practice is a ways away. The NFL Draft is a ways away (although the Combine is right around the corner). This is a slow time for a college football fan. Ben and I decided to recap NSD and look ahead to next year via email. Enjoy!

Scott:  National Signing Day is in the books! The day itself was a little anti-climactic as the Aggies missed out on two realistic targets in LB Kenny Young and OL Braden Smith. I really wanted Braden Smith, a team can't ever have too many athletic, physically-imposing offensive linemen in the system. No use crying over missed opportunities when we capitalized on so many others though. This class is a doozy, it really is. I don't even know where to start.

Who are your three favorite recruits in our class? Wait, dumb question. That is obviously Garrett, Speedy and Allen. Gosh those three make quiver (too much?) with excitement. Count me as double excited that Speedy and Allen enrolled early. Will Speedy start from day one? Does Allen have a legitimate shot at beating out Kenny Hill? 

After you address all those inquiries, tell me your three favorite recruits OUTSIDE of our super studly, nationally acclaimed top three.

Ben: Allen absolutely has a shot at beating out Kenny Hill. In fact, I expect it to happen. When you hear an analyst like Trent Dilfer (who happened to spend a few years in the NFL AND win a Super Bowl) say Allen wouldn't look out of place at an NFL practice, you tend to raise your expectations accordingly. Kenny Hill is a nice player, but Kyle Allen is the #1 QB recruit in the nation and is on campus a semester early to get ready for the fall. You also have to look down the road - Kyler Murray, Aggie legacy, and quite the stud recruit himself, will be a senior next year and any delay in starting Kyle Allen diminishes the chances of the Aggies securing Kyler Murray's Johnny-like services. It's a domino effect, so you want to get Allen on the field and out of the program in 3 years so that Murray can only expects to sit on the bench for one year. (I realize this is insane, and picking nits, but this is where Texas A&M is right now. This is a good thing.)

I don't see Speedy starting from day one because of the steep learning curve for receivers. You see it in the NFL; rookie running backs can come in and perform (see Eddie Lacy) but receivers usually take a couple years to get comfortable with a new quarterback and a new system (see Dez Bryant). Even Mike Evans had a season to redshirt and find his place. But the main reason I think Speedy sits (at least at first) is because of the quality Aggie receiving corps: Ricky Seals-Jones, Jaquay Williams, Quiv Gonzalez, Malcome Kennedy, Kyrion Parker, Jeremy Tabuyo, Edward Pope, Sabian Holmes and Sebastian LaRue. You see my point though... We have quantity and quality. No reason to rush him on the field unless he clearly beats out the experienced players.

My favorite three recruits outside the big 3 are without a doubt Nick Harvey, Frank Iheanacho, and Otaro Alaka. I've been hearing that Harvey is built similar to Earl Thomas when he arrived at UT, which means Harvey could switch to safety, although I don't envision that happening. You don't see a lot of stud safeties shorter than 5-10, but then again we've seen what a short QB can do, so who knows? I wish DSG hadn't gone off the reservation (Idaho is WAY off the reservation) because we need safeties. Bad. I like Iheanacho because a) nicknames are fun and b) beating Oregon straight up (or so seemed the national perception) for a stud athlete is ridiculously fun. On that same note, Alaka will always have a soft spot in my heart for flipping from UT to A&M in the week leading up to NSD. Stronghorn indeed, am I right?

Did you hear the news about Mike Mitchell transferring from Ohio State to a school in Texas? I was always surprised that the Prestonwood linebacker wanted to go up north like that, but it sounds like he genuinely loved being in Columbus. I guess people up north follow football too, who knew? Something tells me the tradition and passion of A&M (who he flirted with before signing with OSU) and the SEC (Mike, have you heard of Harvey Updike?) may speak to Mitchell. A stud linebacker would fill a spot of need, not to mention the fact that he already has a year of college under his belt and may be able to play right away. Get on it, Coach Cool.

Who are your three favorite recruits? Kenny Hill or Kyle Allen? Which RB should get the most snaps? Is this a make-or-break year for DC Mark Snyder?

Scott: So the quarterback battle... I am kind of leaning towards Kyle Allen at the moment. But then again, I will be the first person to admit that I am always infatuated with 'potential'. I thought Matt Davis was going to be a stud. Kyle Allen is a different breed though, a true pro-style quarterback with an NFL type arm is new thing for A&M. This isn't Ryan Tannehill, this isn't Johnny Manziel, this isn't Matt Davis. Kyle Allen could be a stud from day one (or he could be Garrett Gilbert). And I love your forward thinking in regards to Kyler Murray. He holds my heart. He is Johnny-like at Allen High School, except with more national publicity. I couldn't bear to see him go anywhere other than Aggieland. I want to believe in Kenny Hill, I think he is a winner, but I think the natural ARM of Kyle Allen holds the keys to success. It is going to be a gut-wrenching spring.

My three favorite recruits are Nacho, Zaycoven Henderson, and Koda Martin. It is scary how similar Nacho is to Mike Evans. And I don't think it is out of line in the least bit to expect him to become AT WORST Mike Evans Lite. You can't teach height and basketball-like ball skills. Zaycoven for the exact reason you alluded to with Otaro. Stealing seemingly hard UT commits is a blast and totally unlike anything I have ever experienced as an Aggie fan. I am enjoying every second of our current dominance and I love hearing about every potential "spin" on this year's UT class. Did you see some guy tried to tweet that UT had more commitments from the state of Texas than A&M? As if rankings were imaginary? I love that! It's as if that guy hadn't ever heard of foreigners like Speedy or Allen. He must have spent a long time researching all those three stars that A&M didn't even recruit. And last but not least, Koda Martin. We have a pretty good history of picking up athletic, studly offensive tackles don't we? Maybe Koda Martin is a Bruce Matthew's love child or something. We can only dream.

That RB situation will be interesting this year. Thank you Ben Malena for all your contributions, but in a weird way I am glad he is out of the mix. Trey Williams should be the focal point. I think he has earned that. And I think Tra Carson should be the second (and very intimidating) banana. If that isn't your prototypical thunder and lightning, I don't know what is. Let Brandon Williams pick up the scraps. I sure hope Spav doesn't abandon the run like last year, because even with an average offensive line, these RBs can make plays. 

I do think this is a make-or-break year for Coach Snyder. He gets a free pass for last year (and rightfully so) due to the lack of talent and extreme youth. But if our defense doesn't show some serious gusto this year, then I think he will be squarely on the hot seat. Last year's youth better turn into this year's energy. Speaking of defense, I literally just read about that Mike Mitchell stuff. What an insane pickup that would be. I know he redshirted last year? Is he still awesome? I am uber-excited to follow this developing story. We could have TWO contributing white linebackers (along with Mastrogiovanni) in or midst!

How excited are you already for the 2015 class? We might have three defensive five stars with Daylon Mack, Kendell Sheffield, and Malik Jefferson. That's like having THREE Myles Garrett's!!! 

Also, I read some fluff piece hyping 2015 as OUR year. It is a pretty easy stance to take given the young defensive studs we have coming in and a first year quarterback in 2014, but do you agree? What are the realistic expectations for 2014? I am bit conflicted. We can go ahead and put Auburn back in the LSU/Bama gauntlet. It will take me a long time to fear Mizzou or Ole Miss like I do LSU/Bama. And we have to deal with South Carolina to open the season. Ugh, my stomach is twisting now...

Ben: I think the goal for next year is 9-3. I hate to say it, but I think that's even setting the bar a bit high. All 4 non-SEC games are gimmes, along with Arkansas and #FailState. Then you've got to win 3 of the following: home games against Ole Miss, Mizzou, and LSU, and road games at South Carolina, Bama, and Auburn. 


When the 2014 schedule was released, I was extremely confident. Then Mizzou and Auburn hit their stride in 2013 and now have me legitimately spooked. Looking at these bridge schedules makes me want to cry - 2013 really was the year for the Aggies to do some damage. The ONLY scary away game was LSU. That's it. It's a damn shame the defense disappeared and Clarence McKinney was the playcaller. Two months after the regular season ended I'm still wondering how many wins Kliff Kingsbury was worth to the Aggies. If McKinney is considered replacement-level (which is generous) Kingsbury was worth at least 2 WAR. You gotta think he could have made the difference in 2 of the 4 losses. What do you think?

Scott: I agree with a 9-3 being our goal for next year. Then we would have the opportunity at a 10 win season with a bowl victory. Who knows, maybe we go back to the Chick-fil-a Bowl in that situation. I love Chick-fil-a spicy sandwiches.

But yea, 9-3 won't be easy. I still think we should have beat Auburn and Mizzou this past year. To let both of those slip away was atrocious. If we can somehow open up the season with a victory at South Carolina I will be feeling pretty solid. Heck, if that happens I am sure I will start day dreaming about BCS games. Also, can we PLEASE beat LSU this year at Kyle Field. We better not let them manhandle us like they did in Death Valley last year. I was numb from despair (and the freezing rain) after that game. We were all set up to run the table, get Johnny back on the Heisman podium and cruise into the Sugar Bowl. And then LSU crapped on our dreams. I want revenge next year.

Would it be ridiculous to offer Kliff $3 million to come back and coach our offense? I mean it's just money. You can't put a price on winning. I sure do hope Clarence was majority of the problem in regards to how our offense would randomly sputter at the worst of times last year. Will Spav be the answer? I am hesitant. I mean he has to take some of the blame for last year as well, right? WE HAD JOHNNY MANZIEL AND MIKE EVANS AND TREY WILLIAMS AND JAKE MATTHEWS AND WE COULDN'T SCORE MORE THAN 21 POINTS AGAINST MIZZOU??????? That game still frustrates me. Back to Spav though. I mean he was at the game sharing the play-calling duties. Should he get a free pass? As Thomas Fritts pointed out in his fantastic breakdown of our offense... we lacked creativity and innovation. We got sucked into the pass and abandoned the run. Those things can't happen this year. I sure hope giving Spav full control will be solution, but call me a skeptic at the moment.

So the NFL Draft Combine is around the corner. You think our Aggies will help their cause? 

Ben: I think they will, if only because they saw how terrible Damontre performed last year and how much money he cost himself. What's interesting is I figured Moore's talent would shine through even when he fell in the draft. That simply didn't happen in 2013 - he had zero sacks on the season. I guess the NFL does know a thing or two when it comes to the Combine. The Aggies heading to the Combine are also surefire stars; Manziel, Matthews, and Evans would have to pull a 'Damontre' (yes, I've coined that phrase for describing an inexplicably bad Combine performance) to fall out of the first round, and I just don't see that happening. 

I know you've been keeping up with the mock drafts. We still have a LONG way to go. But look who's in McShay's top-10... That's right, EVERY AGGIE. McShay even has Evans going to Detroit. Can you imagine him being paired with Calvin Johnson? My brain just exploded.

Scott: Oh, Damontre... who would have thought getting fat and slow before the most important job interview of your life would be a bad thing? Don't get me wrong, Damontre was a pretty great player for Texas A&M, but I always felt like his stats were a little more impressive than his actual performance. Sacks can be a fickle stat, a guy could easily "fall" into 4 or 5 extra sacks over the course of a season and elevate his public perception. A 14 sack season looks WAY better than a 9 sack season. 

No worries though, it's water under the bridge and rather irrelevant to the Aggies going into the draft this year. As you already mentioned, this year's crop of Aggies is elite in every sense of the word. Every time I hear or read something about Evans, it is absolutely glowing. The guy has the height, body control and hands that just can't be taught. I mean he could have a 10 year NFL career by just running fade and stop routes in the redzone.

Three Aggies in the top 10 would be incredible. Plus that means all three will likely get invited to the draft. Can I go ahead and predict that ESPN invites Mr. Personality to the draft as well to provide insight, commentary and suave looks? Publicity galore!

My how the times have changed. Stellar recruiting classes, plentiful NFL prospects, SEC expectations... who would have ever thought it would finally happen to those spunky kids in College Station. 

But at the end of the day, I am most excited to follow Johnny Football as he takes his talents to Sundays. He changed the Aggie world and he will forever be revered for such things. I can only hope he finds the same success on the biggest stage.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

National Signing Day!

Today should be a holiday, plain and simple. College football rules all and today determines who will rule in the near future.

Fortunate for all those that enjoy substantial time at a computer each day we have more than enough access to follow all the fun. Got a dual monitor? I highly suggest pulling up ESPNU via Watch ESPN.

Want to follow a live feed of what the Aggies are doing? I highly suggest wandering over to GigEm247 or Good Bull Hunting to see what's going on. GigEm247 has the rock-hard facts (and the delightfully fun Crystal Ball feature in which yours truly gets to make his picks) and GBH has the rock-hard commentary.

Let's take a trip down memory lane and enjoy a wonderfully confusing video I broke down last year...

If by mistake you search "Texas A&M recruitment" on youtube (as opposed to "Texas A&M recruiting") you may just come across this gem... which ironically could be helpful when enticing horny high school football players...

Happy National Signing Day!!!!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Battle to Be the Best 12th Man

The nation has become enamored with the 12th Man. And unfortunately for Aggies... it's not our 12th Man. The Seattle Seahawks are going to the Super Bowl, thereby guaranteeing that every talking head guy on every sports media outlet will be obligated to mention the 12th Man each and every day until February 2nd (right after the, “is Richard Sherman a head case or a calculated mastermind?” segment).

Can you believe some cannabis-crazed team in the far Northwest is trying to steal our thunder? Have they no respect for the hallowed grounds of Kyle Field

Ok, no more deprecating humor, I just wanted to fit in the clever "cannabis-crazed" alliteration tidbit.

I love Texas A&M and all that it represents. And the 12th Man is a vital and irreplaceable part of my yearly pilgrimages to College Station. So, as an Aggie, should I care about the Seahawks "hijacking" our slogan? Am I not red-ass enough if my panties aren't severely wadded in my red-ass?

Honestly, I don't know (polarizing, I know).

The NFL is the most popular sport in America and, whether Aggies like it or not, I would say that the majority of sports fans out there will now associate the 12th Man with Seattle, as opposed to its original home, Texas A&M. Sure, we have the 12th Man legally trademarked, but that doesn't mean much in the way of subjective national association. The world is infatuated with the Super Bowl.  And currently the Super Bowl pits Peyton Manning against Richard Sherman (LUNATIC OR LEGEND?!?!?!?!) and the 12th Man. Their 12th Man train is only gaining steam.

Now Texas A&M isn’t really hurting for national attention or admiration. We (mainly because of Johnny and the SEC) are one of the hottest flavors on the collegiate football map.  But very little of our current “spice” is attributed to the 12th Man. People won’t deny the 12th Man or the atmosphere if you give them the relative information, but nobody is lining up to publicize it like the media is doing for Seattle now.

Back in 2006, the Seattle Seahawks and Texas A&M came to an agreement in which Seattle could use the 12th Man trademark.  The agreement called for Seattle to pay Texas A&M a $100,000 lump sum payment (or approximately 1/4th of what they are paying the LAST guy on their bench) at the time of the agreement along with $5,000 per year (or the same price as this Sony TV at Best Buy) during the course of the five year agreement. Seattle also retained the option to extend the agreement for an additional five years. They smartly did so (they already have enough HD TVs at their complex).  Now I am no lawyer nor do I know anything about trademark laws, but I feel like Texas A&M might not be feeling too rosy about this one. If anything, Seattle obviously liked it enough to re-up. Fran must have been behind this.  

So what do we do now? As Shane Hinkley, the Assistant Vice President of Business Development, told Good Bull Hunting, in regards to potential trademark violations, “It’s something that is very difficult to police and something that we are actively involved in.” Translation: we can’t do crap. Chasing tangible trademark violations (like selling memorabilia using the trademark) isn’t the issue. It is the dilution of a brand. I mean if somebody said both the Seahawks and the Aggies claim the 12th Man, I bet half the nation would think we stole it from them. 

I think this puts us (diehard Aggies) in a weird, no-win situation. If we try to fight this nationally and get ourselves in the headlines we will look childish and whiny. Nobody cares if we have the trademark. Are we really going to tell a bunch of raucous football fans they can’t call themselves the 12th Man? Sure, it doesn’t hold the same historic meaning for them, but nobody besides Aggies care about E. King Gill coming down from the stands in 1922 to actually be the 12th active member of an injury-riddled team. That’s our story, nobody else’s. If you take the glass-half-full approach we can at least revel in the notion that our historically inspirational story actually turned into a valuable trademark (well, that depends on how much you like Sony TVs). But I highly doubt that any annoyed Aggie is taking solace in such things.

The 12th Man up in Seattle is a growing national force due to mainstream media. No way around it. Maybe a national championship run next year can help us take back some of the 12th Man momentum. But until then all we can do is hope the Seattle fad fades and we can rightfully take back our 12th Man crown.

Or maybe we can go against the grain and start claiming the 13th Man?

(I am kidding, geez).

Monday, January 6, 2014

Draft Ponderings

Ben has been lazy, so I enticed him with an email exchange and asked him how he felt about our coordinators going into next year... he responded with quite the NFL draft tangent...

Mike Evans just officially declared for the NFL Draft. Whoa. The thought of him leaving was always present this year, but with the increased likelihood that Matthews and Manziel are destined to be top 10 picks, I actually thought Evans would stick around for another year. We've heard Sumlin is like a father figure to him, and with Big Kev staying in College Station I assumed his son figure (?) would follow suit. This definitely surprises me. McShay's Mock 1.0 had him going to the Baltimore Ravens in the latter half of the first round. Not too shabby... But Evans should go higher, right? The Peach Bowl (I refuse to call the bowls by their corporate names, because this is America damn-it!) definitely won't make an appearance of any Mike Evans highlight reels. However, his games against the state of Alabama alone are worthy of a top pick. I'm confident in saying we won't see another one like him in a long, long time in Aggieland. My hopes for RSJ are high, but Evans set the bar REALLY HIGH.

While on the Draft... I'm excited about our football program pumping out first round talent. This will be the third straight year A&M has produced a top-5 pick. When was the last time this happened? Has 'Bama done it recently? USC in their heyday? Miami? Texas? Can someone research this? Anyways, as great as it is to see so many Aggies getting drafted so early, the probability of them playing for a dumpster fire of an organization obviously goes up the earlier they are selected. We dodged a bullet two years ago when Von Miller was taken by a competent organization in the Denver Broncos, who also pounced on the opportunity that same off-season to sign arguably the best QB in modern NFL history. Von got skills, but Von also got lucky in what team selected him. Luke Joeckel falls on the other side of the draft coin. My heart broke when it got out that the Kansas City Chiefs were passing on our boy Luke and instead selecting some non-SEC spare tire from some off brand school in Michigan. Of course the Chiefs turned things around this year and are in the AFC playoffs (despite a very mediocre year from their non-SEC spare tire of a draft pick), while Joeckel's Jacksonville Jaguars did nothing in 2013 to dispel the belief that most people would rather eat a plate of cat poop than watch them play the game of football.

This is all to say that I'm terrified of what may become of our trio of Aggies entering this April's NFL draft. The all knowing pundits are predicting the Houston Texans (I hate them as a Dallas native, but they're at least a Texas team, tons of Aggies live in Houston, and they were considered Super Bowl favorites less than 4 months ago) selecting Louisville's Teddy Bridgewater with the first overall pick, letting Johnny slide to the next team desperate for a QB (unless one of those teams wants to draft Blake Bortles with the hope that his NFL career is as successful as his dating life). Have you looked at the draft order? The four teams following Houston resemble what I like to call NFL hell. St. Louis, Jacksonville, Cleveland, and Oakland. YIKES! It's looking like our boy Johnny Football is going to ply his trade in one of these three incredibly attractive-to-live-in-as-a-young-person locales: Jacksonville, Cleveland, or Oakland. I'm going to take a glass half full approach here: in Jacksonville he gets reunited with Joeckel, has a stellar receiver in Justin Blackmon to throw to (under the assumption that Jacksonville forgives him for his transgressions and brings him back), and the franchise is on total life support in the city of Jacksonville and could wind up in LA or London (can you imagine Manziel in Hollywood? Yes please.) In Cleveland he gets protected by one of the best left tackles in the NFL, and gets to do amazing things with my favorite fantasy draft pick of 2013, the man who brought me my title, Mr. Josh Gordon. I also see a depressing Midwestern city... 

Let's pause one moment to celebrate Cleveland in this wonderful tourism video...

Phew, I love that.

...totally falling for Manziel and turning him into a legend after one week. In Oakland... I got nothing. Oakland would be the worst. I have kicked around the idea of giving up on my Dallas Cowboys and rooting for whichever team selects Johnny Manziel. If it is Oakland, consider me still a fan of the Dallas Cowboys.

So here's my hypothetical: if you're Jake Matthews or Johnny Manziel, do you sabotage (albeit very slightly) your draft prospects at the NFL Combine, the A&M pro day or in interviews and hope you slide to the middle of the first round to a more competent organization that may have just had a tough 2013 season? Yes, you're literally giving up millions of dollars, but you have to feel better about your chances making it up in your second contract after you've lit up the league for a few years playing for a well run organization in a city that actually pays to watch you play? You're really throwing your chances of success to the football gods when you get taken by a team like Oakland or Jacksonville. Even if you play well, it's likely the team around you is still going to suck and you're going to be miserable.

The draft is fun and having 3 Aggies projected as first rounders makes me damn near giddy for April.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Speedy Time

Pretty huge day when we are able to steal the #1 Athlete (which will obviously turn into WR) in America from swampy neighbors.  I bet Speedy is fast...