Friday, October 4, 2013

Iowa State, Paul Rhoads, and A Very Forgettable Thursday Night

Let's get a few things clear first; yes I think the refs blew the call, no I'm not surprised, and yes I still think Mack gets fired.

But, honestly, I'm not looking to dive into the Texas side of the story-line, because plenty of the national media is already beating down that door. I want to discuss the irony of the Iowa State anguish about last night.

Iowa State Head Coach, Paul Rhoads, had a stellar soapbox (see post below) after their one point loss to the Longhorns on Thursday night. I understand his frustration with one play, one call (maybe two or three), but what exactly does he think will change with a better call? Say the refs called it a fumble and ISU won the game. The blurry replay of a football you can't even see on your own 1 yard-line is small potatoes to the fact that you're program is still lacking any sense of traction. Does that help fix the season opening loss to Northern Iowa? Does that help fix the loss to that OTHER Iowa school? You're already 0-2 in your own state of IOWA, how exactly does a fluke win over a leaderless Texas help your team go into three straight weeks against ranked opponents (#20 Texas Tech, #17 Baylor, and #21 OSU) who are a combined 10-1? I highly doubt there is much difference between beginning November 2-5 than 1-6.

Here's the deal, Texas is a name brand, we all know that. So beating Texas looks good! Right? But this isn't like TCU beating an overrated Texas from last year. This Texas team has already been stripped of any "overrated" aspect this season when they were exposed in Provo. The talking point all week was "how bad is Texas?" and the common answer was "they are bad enough that they just might find a way to lose to IOWA STATE!"

That's not a compliment. No one was betting on you. They were betting against Texas.

And you still proved them wrong.

Mr. Rhoads and his box of soap.

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