Thursday, October 3, 2013

Better Late Than Never - Arky Thoughts

I was born 5 minutes from Arkansas (thankfully still in Texas) so I get the pleasure of giving you my thoughts on this week's game against Arkansas:  Due to bye week laziness, you get 8 thoughts instead of a properly compiled 10.  Enjoy (with some footnotes from Scott).

1) Johnny played in the rain and guess what? Johnny was not as efficient in the rain (the kid just loves sunlight and bright lights... who can blame him). It was all good though due to our stellar running back corp.

2) Best running back corp in the nation, you say?  I think so. They OWNED IT last Saturday. When the second half rolled around A&M was staring at a four point lead and a rainy mess of a passing game.  No worries though, the run game stepped up to the plate and eventually beat Arky into submission.
*I would like to chime in and say that I have a football crush on Tra Carson.  I have said this before, but going into the season I was enthralled by our other three running backs, Carson was merely an afterthought.  Now, he is my favorite running back on our team.  Speed is sexy, but the powerful tenacity that Carson runs with gives me goosebumps.

3) Our defense still kinda sucks. I honestly want to believe in DeVante Harris, but he is so hit-or-miss that I can't decide if he is one step away from becoming a lockdown corner or one step away from a spot on the bench. To his defense he plays CB which is literally the most "hit-or-miss" position on the team. Oh yea, and Deshazor is a play-maker from anywhere on the field.
*I will stand behind DeVante till the bitter end.  #Outchea till I die.

4) Despite our defense still being kinda sucky, with the game on the line, the defense stepped up.  Look at the box score, Arkansas was shutout in the 4th quarter. TONS of credit to our still shitty defense, but lots of credit to our running game for some long, slow 4th quarter scoring drives. A well rested defense will always be better than a winded defense.

5) Mike Evans is a cyborg.  After out leaping five Arkansas defenders for that TD, he came back to the sideline practically dragging his right foot. Twitter blew up at the likeliness of a torn Achilles' tendon (which would undoubtedly end his year). Instead, he went into the locker room at halftime and jut installed a new right leg as if he was Rafa Nadal changing tennis rackets after a popped string.
*Mike Evans might lack that top end speed, but I have truly never seen a wide receiver with his body control and concentration.  He is so far beyond collegiate cornerbacks, it's not even fair.  Best of luck on Sundays Mike, we will miss you.

6) Contrary to popular belief, Johnny doesn't have to carry this team. The OFFENSE, as a whole, has to carry the team.  Fortunately, the offensive line is superb, the running backs are superb, the receivers are superb, and the down-field blocking is otherworldly (thank you cyborg Mike Evans).  I can recall numerous times that Johnny was merely the statistical benefactor of the studs around him.  Oh, but he is also the Heisman winner. So that's kind of important.
*I bet that quarterback from Tuscaloosa could even play well with our offense.  Everyone wants a quiet, teary-eyed, game-manager at quarterback.  Add in a bitchin' chest tattoo, and wow, that's the full package.  

7) Arkansas looked (at least on TV) like a really fun place to play. The crowd actually stayed with it until the end! The weather was MISERABLE, yet the fan support and noise level never suffered one bit. I'll be sad not to return there for the next ten years.  Hello, soulless spaceship, also known as Jerry World.
*Those little piglets really put on a show. 

8) At the end of the day, an SEC road win is an SEC road win. There's not much else to say here except that we won by double digits in a hostile, rainy, SEC environment. Kudos to the coaching staff for keeping our boys mentally and physically prepared for the task at hand.
*Hello bye week and tackling drills!

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