Monday, September 9, 2013

Impressions - Game Two

I am back with more impressions!  I sort of like this weekly installment, I might just keep it around.  You could say my impressions and I are currently going steady.

One thing that impressed me:  Manny Diaz.  I can’t help it.  I mean he obviously checked out right?  Maybe wanted to spend a little more time with the family?  Something seems fishy.  Ahhhhh, who cares!  I love it.  BYU ran over UT on Saturday, and Manny Diaz was promptly shown the door on Sunday.  Hello unemployment line!  If I was a less emotional, more intelligent fan I would be rooting for UT to pull off an 8-5 or 9-4 season so they keep Mack Brown’s corpse on the sideline.  But, I just can’t.  I am glutton for their demise.  Heck, I might even tune into the Longhorn Network this week to follow the fun… HA, just kidding, that channel blows.

Another thing that impressed me:  Kenny Hill’s first drive.  That first throw was incredible.  I can only imagine how doubly incredible it was for those watching on TV.  I feel further justified in my lukewarm Matt Joeckel thoughts from last week.  The future is Kenny Hill, not Matt Joeckel, might as well let Kenny get his feet wet when he can.  Oh and by the way, being there in person, Kenny Hill looks huge.  I mean Johnny always looks kind of small out there, but wow, Kenny looked like a full grown man already.   The future is bright in Aggie land.

And another thing that impressed me:  Not that I am surprised, but, wow, I love the Dry Bean.  You know what those perfectly concocted shots would cost in Houston or Dallas?  Too damn much.  By the way, have you ever heard of "dinner at the Dry Bean"?  Well let me fill you in (and don’t hesitate to take a date, they will love it).  It’s actually quite easy.  Step one: warm up the belly with an appetizer (Nuts and Berries sounds light and healthy).  Step two: move onto the main course (go fancy with a Rock Lobster or old school with a Wisconsin Lunchbox).  Step three: top it all off with a sweet dessert (the Oatmeal Cookie is a personal favorite).  Boom, dinner at the Dry Bean, signed, sealed, and delivered.

One thing that didn’t impress me:  Taylor Bertolet.  Ugh, this guy came to Aggie land to torment me.  If he costs us points in the Alabama game I am going to lose it.  Like legitimately lose it.  And on that note; can we just go for every fourth down under ten yards once we cross mid-field.  Seriously, just drop back to pass and let Johnny make a play.  I have absolutely zero confidence in Bertolet from ANYWHERE on the field.   I mean the guy misses extra points.  THOSE ARE SUPPOSED TO BE FREEBIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I can’t take it.  Ok, moving on now.

Another thing that didn’t impress me:  Our defense.  So they weren’t THAT bad.  And they tightened it up late.  But I sure would have loved to see a dominant effort from them.  Not that any of us need reminding, but there is a rather potent team coming to town next week and we are going to need our defense to keep us in the game.   I think the ideal situation would be DeVante and Deshazor stepping up to the plate and dominating their men, thus allowing Snyder some extra flexibility in stopping the run.  That’s what we need.  Fingers crossed.  The Tide is coming.

Statistical observation that impressed me:  Johnny spreading the ball around (yet still utilizing Mike Evans) for over 400 yards passing.  Strangely, being at the game, it was a sort of underwhelming 400 yards.  Maybe, it was just Sam Houston, maybe it was the day dreaming on next week, who knows, but it just didn’t feel as impressive as it looks.  But enough trepidation, 400 yards is a good day at the office.

Another statistical observation that impressed me:  The aforementioned Mike Evans and his 155 reception yards.  Mike Evans made some plays.  He made some great catches and some great runs after the catch.  Mike Evans is ready for Alabama, and we will definitely need a big play or two from him if we are going to come out with a win.

And another statistical observation that impressed me:  Tra Carson (again) and his two touchdowns.  My buddy Layne Bukhair has dubbed him the “Touchdown Vulture.”  It fits wonderfully.  But Tra, don’t get too greedy, we need Johnny’s stats to be as gaudy as possible for the outside chance at another Heisman.  Think about the team Touchdown Vulture.  Think about the team.

Statistical observation that did not impress me:  Sam Houston rushing for 240 yards on 42 attempts (for a hefty 5.7 yards per carry).  Well, I don’t mean to sound like a broken record, but this ain’t gonna fly next weekend.  Maybe Saban won’t notice the glaring blemish that is our run defense?  Or maybe he plans to run it down our throats and keep the ball out of Johnny’s hands?  Double ugh.  Our defense is going to have to make some stops, plain and simple.

And with that we close the book on Sam Houston.  Ben and Trey will be back later this week to preview the game we have all been waiting for.

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