Sunday, September 15, 2013

BAMA WEEK PART 2 - Gameday


So you spend all week earning your worth; making corporate commercials, studying in school, fixing drill heads thousands of feet under the earth, etc. Work Hard - Play Hard. But now it is gameday and gameday isn't a 24 hour period, gameday is a mentality. You spend your whole life busting your ass to make a difference in your classes, job, and community and you'll continue to bust your ass to make a difference on gameday. See, people confuse this journey back to College Station as a "weekend to reminisce" but it's not that at all. When you step foot in Aggieland, you're leaving all that stress behind, true, but you're getting to enjoy the fruits of your labor in a place where you built a home, College Station. We hardly ever get a chance to look at what we have created and revel in the great relationships that we have built for ourselves, but this is one of those chances. So here it is, gameday in all her glory. 


In all honesty, there's two types of games. Ones where you tailgate, and ones where you blow-out-tailgate. 

 Guys, sorry but I ran out of time to write this. Sake bombs all around! See ya on Northgate!!

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