Monday, September 9, 2013

BAMA WEEK PART 1 - Game Preparations

Bama Week
What more is there to say? We've finally made it to the culmination of A&M Football and the corresponding social pilgrimage to our hallowed home, College Station. The bottom line is, either you are cool and going to the game (or at least tailgating), or you're just flat-out not cool.  Aggies will forgive Aggies for excuses when it comes to the Rice game, the SMU game, and maybe even the Auburn game. But there are no exceptions this week. So instead of spending more time saying what goes without saying, let's just dive into our plans to make the best of this social-event-for-the-ages (aka Bama Week).

BAMA WEEK PART 1 - Game Preparations

MONDAY: Start your week off with a healthy dose of football talk around the office. Ease into the conversation by chatting up the Cowboys crazy finish or the Texans big Monday night debut, but whatever you do, make sure to bring up the A&M vs. Bama game within your boss' eavesdropping range. If you work in a cool office this shouldn't be too tough, but no matter the initial difficulty you might face with this task, just know that it is the only thing you must accomplish all day. You will thank me later this week.

TUESDAY: Guys, you may not like this next part, but it is an imperative part of the game-plan: work late on Tuesday. Look, do you think Ben Malena is slacking off on the Tuesday of Bama Week? Exactly, so neither can you. Here's the plan; identify two objectives you need accomplished by Wednesday afternoon. Accomplish Objective One by Tuesday afternoon and Objective Two before you go home Tuesday night. Now, as your boss is walking out of the office, make sure to ask a question on Objective One (which you have, by now, already completed) and indicate you're staying late to complete it. Then *BAM* you drop both completed objectives on your boss's desk as you leave Tuesday night. Ben Malena would be proud.

WEDNESDAY: Wake up to this video, this video, and this video. Alright, now that we have our eye back on the prize, here's the plan for today: double down on the goodwill you got by working late on Tuesday. Stay until your boss leaves, then when your boss asks what you're working on/why you're staying late, stand strong and say "I'm just trying to stay ahead of everything since I'll be making the trek to College Station after work on Friday". Hopefully this pleases him, regardless, the second your boss is gone, hit the door, cause those Jell-O shots are not going to make themselves.

THURSDAY: Simple enough. Wear your gameday polo (or at least a shade of maroon if that's too casual for a Thursday).  Today is the day it starts to get real.  Really take a minute to soak in the feel of your gameday polo.  This is your uniform.  This is your armor.  Saturday is war. You're not going to see anyone at work that you'll see at the game so it's not like anyone will know you're re-using a shirt two days later. Instead, it will be a constant reminder to your boss and everyone else you work with that the most important thing in the world to you today is A&M Football, and that they had better give you any and all work they expect to be done this week to you by mid-day Thursday. After that, all bets are off.

FRIDAY: Wake up to your Fightin' Texas Aggie War Hymn alarm. Tweet at least six of your favorite things about Texas A&M. Bring your office a box of kolaches. Wear your other gameday polo. Spend all morning in someone else's office discussing process improvements you guys will be able to implement starting next quarter. Then take an "early lunch" and HIT THE ROAD TO COLLEGE STATION!!

What to do once you've arrived to College Station? Stay tuned for Part 2...

(hint: it involves dinner at Dry Bean... see explanation below within the game two impressions)

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