Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Crystal Ball Competition

Ever since we here at Aggie Rundown gained national fame via Good Bull Hunting's twitter directory and GigEm247's Crystal Ball privileges, we have felt on top of the world, untouchable to the common folk below us.  We attend parties, drink copious amounts of booze, sign autographs (for free of course), mingle with other famous people (in this case Hunter Jarvis), and generally live the dream we always dreamed.

Oh wait, I am posting this from my cube at work.  Damn.

We figured everyone needed a break from the Johnny circus, so here we are, with the help from our good friend Hunter Jarvis of the Around Aggieland podcast (of which he promises to get us on soon) and Good Bull Hunting, to give you a friendly little Crystal Ball Competition.  Except it's not friendly, it's for blood.  Blood money that is... in the form of a $25 gift card to Layne's.   Hunter never agreed to these terms, but hey, I made them, and if he backs down, well you know who is the sissy.  The loser rents a plane, and flies the winner to College Station.  Then the loser has to watch the winner eat $25 dollars worth of Layne's.  That would be a great youtube clip.  Do you realize how much food $25 dollars will get you at Layne's?  WAY TOO MUCH.

Ok, I have strayed from the topic.  Here are the predictions (mine have commentary).  You get one point for every pick that "comes true via the crystal ball".  (By the way, I linked all the names, so go get you some extra crystal ball info if you please).

Aggie Rundown's picks (Scott):

Myles GarrettTexas A&M - Let’s be real, this one might as well be a YESSIR in the books.  And for the record, Garrett might end up being my most anticipated member of the 2014 class.  Could he become the official heir to Von Miller?  I sure hope so.  (I revoked the title from Damontre after he decided it was a great idea to get fat and slow before the most important job interview of his life).

Leonard Fournette LSU – Highly doubt this in-state phenom leaves.

Tony BrownTexas A&M – This one will definitely go down to the wire, but I feel like Sumlin is making Brown a top priority and as long as Brown recognizes such things, I think it will be enough to sway him. 

D'haquille Williams Auburn – Freebie. Plus one point for me. (OK, maybe we took a little long, to put our lists together… get over it).

Speedy Noil Texas A&M – BOOM!!  Speedy Noil and Gerald Willis are my two big, semi-bold pro-Aggie predictions.  From everything I have read, it feels like these two guys are showing legitimate interest in Texas A&M. 

Gerald WillisTexas A&M – BOOM x2!! Gerald Willis and Speedy Noil are teammates.  Methinks they stick together in college.  Which by the way, why don’t more high school teammates pick the same school (especially if their potential positions don’t overlap)? 

Adoree' JacksonUSC – How could you ever pick against USC for a top notch athlete from Cali?

Solomon ThomasTexas – I really wanna “homer” out and not pick anyone to go to UT, but I forget that while Mack Brown might not know the difference between a wishbone offense and a West Coast offense, he is still a pretty good coach from February to July.

KD Cannon Texas – I will die before I predict a legit recruit to go to Baylor.  Baylor is and always will be defined by one word.  Lame.

Braden SmithTexas A&M – Admittedly, this is a guy I really want.  Gotta take care of the trenches.

Jamal AdamsFlorida – Gots to follow the crowd here (slash Taylor Hamm says so).

Mark AndrewsOU – Freebie again.  Plus one more point for me.  (Although I would have definitely picked A&M for him… sad day).

Josh FrazierArkansas – The kid stays home and takes part in Bielema revolution (that sounds gross).

Qualen CunninghamTexas A&M – Honestly, I don’t really know how to pronounce this guy’s first name.  Every time I read it, I think about the Banana Quaalude shot from the Dry Bean.  It’s a great shot and I encourage everyone to give it a shot (pun intended).  I hope Qualen measures up to the Banana Quaalude.

Malachi DupreLSU – As much as I want to avoid the Crystal Ball redundant department… I just can't.

Carter WallTexas A&M – JUCO alert!!! Full disclosure, as I was researching on 247Sports, I came to Carter Wall's page and saw that he had a whopping TWO crystal ball predictions.  One from Taylor Hamm predicting Texas A&M and one from my nemesis Hunter Jarvis picking UH.  Do you know something that Hamm doesn’t know Jarvis?  Definitely siding with the more publicized expert!

Joe Mixon USC – I want to pick Texas A&M, but I hear the weather out in Cali is off the chain.

Kevin ShorterArkansas – This kid gets scared away from the crazy RB competition in College Station.

Casey TuckerTexas A&M – Now that Kyle Allen will be making the pilgrimage from Arizona to College Station, I assume everyone from Arizona will do the same (unless they hear the whispers about that Cali weather).

Cameron RobinsonAlabama – When you are the #1 recruit in the nation you don’t go to LSU.  You go to Alabama.

Good Bull Hunting's picks (Hunter):

Myles Garrett – Texas A&M

Leonard Fournette – LSU

Tony Brown – LSU 

D'haquille Williams – Auburn 

Speedy Noil – LSU 

Gerald Willis – LSU

Adoree' Jackson – Florida

Solomon Thomas – Texas

KD Cannon – Baylor

Braden Smith – Texas A&M

Jamal Adams – Florida 

Mark Andrews – N/A 

Josh Frazier – Arkansas 

Qualen Cunningham – Texas A&M 

Malachi Dupre – LSU

Carter Wall – Houston 

Joe Mixon – USC

Kevin Shorter – Texas A&M 

Casey Tucker – Texas A&M 

Cameron Robinson – Alabama

The current score is officially AR: 2, GBH: 2.  I am very tempted to not give Hunter the point for Mark Andrews.  Seriously, N/A could easily be misinterpreted to mean Northern Arizona or something... think about it. 

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