Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Dynasty Starts Today (at least mine does)

Phew, it's a slow time of the year for college football, but luckily the football fanatics over at EA sports have given us reason to cheer... the release of NCAA '14!

Football is finally here! In approximately 1 hour and 13 minutes (time is flexible based upon reader) I am going to buy NCAA '14 at lunch. That means that College Football will start for me in 6 hours and 13 (flexible time again) minutes. Here are a couple of things I am looking forward to in the latest version of the only Xbox game I still consistently play:

5. Mike Evans - In the NCAA franchise, I have learned that hot-routing your favorite receiver is an integral part of stringing together a long scoring drive.  Evans is sure to be a favorite hot-route target of mine as he’s sure to be left 1 on 1 by the computer a ton.  Wide receiver side note: who will emerge as the next best target in this year's game?  They probably (and fairly so) won't give too much "rating love" to any of our stud freshmen.  Maybe Sabian Holmes is a burner?  Or maybe I brush up on the reliable RB routes.  I am salivating.

4. Playing at Kyle Field - Even though it’s just a video game, I LOVE being able to get a little taste of the Kyle Field Experience.  I have always loved the "pageantry" of college football, and the NCAA video game franchise has really stepped it up in this category of late.  Add in the fact that they went through the effort of making Kyle Field one of the demo destinations and you have a recipe for some phenomenal A&M publicity.  (Surely, Reveille has made it into this year's version given that NCAA spent a substantial portion of last fall in College Station.)

3. #4 National Ranking - From now until whenever NCAA '15 comes out, anytime anyone plays the game and sorts through the various teams, they will see Texas A&M as a Top 5 team. MORE AWESOME PUBLICITY!  That is not only HUGE for our actual University prestige, but wow will it be easier to recruit in this year's game! We’ll be good this year in real life, no doubt, but regardless of how the season goes, we’ll forever be a National Championship Contender on NCAA '14.

2. Ben Malena and the Williams duo - Does anyone know how to set your RB's to rotate out more fluidly as opposed to manually adjusting the depth chart? I heard there is a greater emphasis this year on play-to-play stamina so having three break-away threats can be a HUGE benefit going into the second half of those 20 minute games.  

1. QB#2 - Obviously the news broke weeks ago (well it broke for those who scour the internet for such tidbits) that Johnny Football is an overall 97 player. That is INSANE growth over what he was rated in last year’s game (somewhere in the low 70's, I believe).  Fast QB's have always ruled the NCAA video game world and Texas A&M now has one of the best ever.  It blows my mind that Texas A&M will probably be the most frequently picked team in the entire game for online/head-to-head games.  

All that aside, there’s nothing like having an amazing dual-threat QB to play with on NCAA, and this year (and probably only this year), I’ll get to play with that player AND my beloved Aggies.  That begs the question: Is this the biggest video game in Aggie history? Wait… is that even a QUESTION?

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