Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Taking a Look into the Crystal Ball

If you consider yourself a football recruiting aficionado and haven't checked out 247Sports new "crystal ball" feature, well... then you are definitely behind the times.  Check out the site, click on a recruit, and check out where all "the experts" think he will end up.  Take this Myles Garrett link for example.  (Hooray for 100% Aggie predictions).

Due to our super limited, super unofficial, super nonexistent communications with GigEm247, they have kindly bestowed us the privilege of having our own crystal ball vote.  The concept is simple.  Find an uncommitted recruit and document your prediction.  If you think a committed recruit will eventually change his status, you can predict that too.  Obviously the excitement arises from wishy-washy high school studs that are torn between their top schools.

In celebration of our new level of fame, Aggie Rundown will be participating in a crystal ball challenge with Hunter Jarvis of the Around Aggieland radio show (as well as his contributions to Good Bull Hunting).

We haven't determined the official rules yet.  Shouldn't be too difficult.  Pick 15 guys, provide your prediction with a brief explanation.  Well, maybe those are the rules.  That was easy.

May the best obscure, very unknown Aggie enthusiast win!


  1. This comment has nothing to do with this article, but will you please update your schedule to show that the Ags play Auburn at home on 10/19?