Thursday, June 6, 2013

Just Chillin'

So we just snagged a top 5 (2014) quarterback recruit in Mr. Kyle Allen.  

Daylon Mack, a (2015) top 15 defensive tackle recruit (and one of the two or three best prospects in Texas) has actually said the words, "I'm committed to Texas A&M in my mind.  I'm just waiting for my parent to let me make it official." [as reported by the tireless Taylor Hamm at GigEm247]

Daylon Mack also happens to be the unofficial leader of the newly dubbed "Fab 5".  This "Fab 5" consists of 2015 top 200 prospects Daylon Mack, Larry Pryor, Justin Dunning, J'Mychal Hasty, and Malik Jefferson.  Supposedly these kids all wanna ball at the same school.  And with Mack at the helm, it looks like Texas A&M might have themselves another group of passionate AggSwagg type of recruits.

Rumor has it, Texas A&M might be number #4 in the upcoming NCAA game.  More importantly, how insanely dominant is Johnny Manziel going to be?  Texas A&M will EASILY be the most frequently played with team this year due to the speedy Manziel.  I can't wait.

Last, but not least, read this little blurb from Holly Anderson at  

Definitely made me smile.  Oh what a difference a year can make.  

Feels good to be good.