Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Post NFL Draft Rundown (for the Aggies)

It was a busy day for former Texas A&M football players.  A solid five players were drafted in the seven round NFL draft spanning from Thursday evening all the way into Saturday evening.  Here is an informative breakdown of where everybody went, was it significant, will they have an impact, and the overall thumbs up or thumbs down (pretty much, whether I like it or not).

Luke Joeckel

Where Was He DraftedNumber one overall by the Kansas City Chiefs. Blah.

Significant/Insignificant – HELL YEA! There is only one college football each year that gets to brag about having the number one overall pick from the previous NFL draft.  And until next April, we, Texas A&M, exclusively own that privilege.  Could we maybe “create” a college football triple crown?  I feel like the logical three components would be National Championship, Heisman Winner, and Number One Overall Pick (probably in that order too).  Has this been done?  I have no idea.  Google “college football triple crown” and I get this.  So maybe that can be the individual triple, but I like my idea for a Team/University wide triple crown.  Point is, Texas A&M filled in two of the three check-boxes, granted we didn't get the main one, to beat an already very-dead  horse… it was an awesome season in Aggie Land.

Impact Level – Immediate starter at left tackle for the next decade.  Kansas City is looking to trade their former (and still very good) left tackle Branden Albert, paving the way for a Joeckel led offensive line.  When you take an offensive tackle with the number one overall pick, he should probably start from day one.  Done.

His New Home – I am fond of the Kansas City Chiefs.  Solid history, good city, GREAT crowd, GREAT stadium, it could definitely be worse (like going number two to Jacksonville).  Kansas City is slowing ridding themselves of the Matt Cassel stink, and they are a prime candidate for a bounce back year to relevancy.  Say what you will about Andy Reid (can’t win the big one, elementary clock management), but the guy puts together solid teams.  He is worth a couple wins by himself.  Say what you will about Alex Smith (the word mediocre comes to mind), but he is most definitely an upgrade over Matt Cassel.  Add those two new additions (and a shiny new left tackle in Luke Joeckel) to an already talented roster (SIX PRO BOWLERS) and the Chiefs could surprise some people and steal themselves nine or so wins.  I will be rooting for them.

Thumbs Up (or thumbs down) – HUGE THUMBS UP.  Number one pick.  Fun city/stadium/fans.  Talented, well-likeable team (no bad blood with my Cowboys).  I couldn't be happier for Mr. Joeckel

*I thought I would get ahead of schedule and put together the Joeckel part of this piece prior to the first round actually commencing last Thursday.  Then I was sucker punched by the Kansas City Chiefs.  I think you can tell how excited I was about him (potentially) being the number one overall pick… I can’t bring myself to redo this for Jacksonville.  Joeckel is awesome, Jacksonville sucks.  Moving on…

Damontre Moore

Significant/Insignificant – I mean yes, it is significant.  Damontre Moore was drafted in the third round to play in the NFL.  Blah, blah, blah… it is a-dream-come true for any football player.  On the contrary, when the season ended, Damontre was predicted to be a TOP TEN PICK.  That little tidbit makes a mid-third round pick, seem a little less… unfulfilled.  I don’t think Damontre has ever been the dynamic athlete that Von Miller was (and is), and naturally I would completely understand if he had slowly drifted to the middle portion of the first by draft day, but all the way to the middle of the third round?!?!  A little far for my liking.  Damontre, what in the world were you doing from the Cotton Bowl until the combine?  Too much you know what?  TWELVE REPS on the bench press!?!?!?!?!?!?!  Are you serious?????  I legitimately think that if I did nothing else for two months except prepare for the combine, that I MAY be able to achieve 12 bench press reps of 225 lbs.  Ok, I probably couldn't, but still, no excuses.  The lack of strength did nothing but draw attention to what might have been a lack of natural explosiveness on the field.  Moore was a sneaky, consistent, VERY good contributor, but his stats often spoke louder than the tape.  The combine highlighted that exact notion.  Enough negativity, Damontre Moore was drafted in the third round by a New York Giants team that is expecting him to contribute from day one (well, maybe). 

Impact Level – Moderate.  I think he will get playing time, all pass rushers do, but I don’t see him starting in year one or making a dramatic difference for a New York Giants team that expects to compete for a Super Bowl next year.

His New Home – I hate the Giants because I am Cowboys fan.  BUT I will acknowledge that Coughlin is a pretty solid coach and the Giant’s ALWAYS seem to have a slew of pass rushers.  You could do a lot worse than having Jason Pierre-Paul and Justin Tuck coaching you up between plays.  No doubt the Giants saw some great value in picking Damontre in the third round and I assume they will bring him along slowly and let him learn from the stud pass-rushers ahead of him on the depth chart.

Thumbs Up (or thumbs down) – I want to give this a HUGE thumbs down, but in the spirit of positive energy, I actually think Damontre ended up in a good spot when considering the probability of becoming a productive NFL player. 

Christine Michael

Significant/Insignificant – For a guy this talented, who played as sporadically as he did in college, this is pretty impressive.  I mean we always knew he had elite talent, but still.  Unfortunate injuries stalled him early, but it was unfortunate behavior that stalled him this past year.  We may never know exactly why he was in Sumlin’s dog house (blocking, attitude, what-have-you), but whatever it was, I hope it is put to rest and he can find success in the NFL. 

Impact Level – Moderate.  Seattle is a deep team and had the luxury of grabbing a potentially explosive running back to spell Marshawn “Beast Mode” Lynch from time to time.  Michael will get some carries, and will hopefully make a couple noteworthy plays this year.

His New Home – With the arrival of Russell “hustle and bustle” Wilson, the Seattle Seahawks are suddenly the toast of the NFL.  A well rounded offense, tough defense, and a phenomenal home field advantage (despite their incessant reference to their second-rate 12th man) make them a Super Bowl favorite next year.  You always feel better about a player’s chances when they go to a well-run, successful team.

Thumbs Up (or thumbs down) – Thumbs up.  The second round was a pleasant surprise.  Hopefully Michael carves out a role with the Seahawks and finds some success.

Sean Porter

Significant/Insignificant – I would venture to say that the 4th round is a big win for Sean Porter.  My elementary guess would have had him going in the 5th or 6th round (essentially being flip-flopped with Mr. Swope).  But hey, the Bengals pulled the trigger on the former Texas A&M defensive leader.  Due to Johnny Football, it was the Texas A&M offense that made all the headlines last year, but anyone legitimate fan can attest to the bend-but-don’t-break mentality our defense showed all year.  Hopefully Porter can continue to bring solid publicity for the Texas A&M defensive alums. 

Impact Level – Minimal… maybe moderate.  Cincinnati plays a 4-3 base defense.  Porter is undoubtedly an outside linebacker in the NFL, and probably best suited for the weakside where his versatility and quickness can be maximized.  Unfortunately, Cincinnati is loaded with outside linebackers.  The likely plan is to have Rey Maualuga shift to the strongside, leaving the weakside to either James “can he still play?” Harrison and Porter.  They obviously brought in Harrison for a reason, but hey, they also drafted Porter for a reason.  If anything, Porter should be starting in year two.

His New Home – Not sure how many positive things you can say about Cincinnati.  When was the last time you heard about someone visiting Cincinnati?  I don’t think I know Cincinnati’s actual geographical location on a map.  I mean I know it’s in the Midwest, but not much after that.  They are the kings of underachieving, not only in football, but everything.  I have zero information to back up that statement, but it seems to fit. 

Thumbs Up (or thumbs down) – Thumb sideways.  The fourth round was good news for Porter, but as I have bluntly mentioned, Cincinnati scares me.

Ryan Swope

Significant/Insignificant – From the limited information I can gather, it seems as if Swope’s concussion history was the reason for his draft slide.  You easily could have justified picking Swope in the third round.  And the Cardinals got him in the SIXTH.  Huge steal for the Cardinals, smaller paycheck for Swope. 

Impact Level – Starter.  I think Swope steps right in and becomes the starter in the slot.  The Cardinals have one of the best in Larry Fitzgerald and will now look to round out the unit with Michael Floyd (last year’s dumb first round pick) and Swope.  All Ryan Swope does is produce.  Nobody can question that, just look at the stats or ask an Aggie fan.  Many pointed out his lack of “physical gifts”.   But then Swope silenced the critics by running a 4.34 in the 40 yard dash.  What else do you need to know?  He is tough.  He is a leader.  He catches the football.  He is fast.  He is smart.  I have watched this guy for years, he is a football player down to the core.  The ONLY knock is durability… but I have a feeling he is going to make everyone look dumb.

His New Home – Arizona is a little up and down these days, but hey the Carson Palmer experiment can’t be any worse than the Kevin Kolb/John Skelton experiment.  Well… maybe it can, but here’s to hoping.  I hear Arizona is a pretty rockin’ place to live, a little hot, but pretty solid all around. 

Thumbs Up (or thumbs down) – Thumbs up.  Mainly because I love Swope.

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