Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Wow, Football Season is Far Away - Game 1 - Rice

Recruiting just isn't doing it for me right now... It just takes a great deal of time to get to know the 2014 recruiting class.  I mean, I spent so much memorable time with the 2013 class... it's hard to move forward.

So let's ramble about next year's schedule!

Game 1 – Rice University @ Kyle Field:

Scott: I have a wedding to go to that weekend.  AWESOME!  Fall weddings should not be allowed.  College football games happen once a week for roughly 16 weeks a year.  College football home games happen anywhere from 6-8 times a year.  That is less than 15% of the available weekends in a given year.  College football home games are more than just a football game where you once went to college… they are the most beloved type of reunion, a pilgrimage of sorts.  I get it, chicks don’t care, and about 50% of the male population either didn’t go to a cool school or just don’t care.  But you know what, the rest of us CARE… probably too much so.

Listen, Rice is a powder puff game, and it probably won’t even be a real game heading into the second half, but the best time to make the pilgrimage to Kyle Field for a powder puff game?  Yea, when it is the FIRST GAME OF THE SEASON!  A SEASON IN WHICH WE WILL BE RANKED IN THE TOP 5!!!!!  THE FIRST GAME OF THE HEISMAN TROPHY WINNER’S ENCORE!!!! AHHHHHH!!!

There better be a ‘stacked’ open bar.


That is all I will concern myself with for this game. I’m going to be so excited to be back in College Station, to kick off the new season, and to do some tailgating that I won’t even remember who we are playing for this first game of the season. The game will be over within the first 10 minutes once Johnny runs figure 8s, hashtags, and @ signs around the outmatched opponents from Houston Zoo… er… Rice University.

So I will be caught off guard when I finally remember that the best part of this game will start at half-time. The Fightin’ Texas Aggie Band never loses a half-time, but the Rice Owl Marching Band, better known as just the MOB, will surely have a great and sarcastic show prepared for their old-time SWC rivals. Seriously, go watch AT LEAST the first 45 seconds of this clip and you will understand the hilarity that this band brings to whatever stadium they visit. Also, here’s a pretty cool, but very different clip of them.

As for the game, I plan to do absolutely no research about their team, their star players, their style of offense, or anything else. I’m all MOB on this one.
Ben:  Unable to be reached for comment (some crap about work or somethin')
Game 2! Coming Soon! (As soon as we find the ditch that Ben was dropped in)