Friday, February 15, 2013

The Descent of Dodds

The University of Texas does not consume my sports fandom. Nor does our “rivalry” (or lack thereof at the moment). But guess what, I definitely care what’s happening in Austin. I always will to some extent. I should care. I am die-hard Aggie fan, and they are our STATE rival. And in case anyone forgot, we live in TEXAS. Football is kind of a big deal here.

I will always hold Texas A&M so far up in the clouds that an uninformed bystander would consider me delusional and weird. I want the best for my school. I want to be ‘perceived’ as a national powerhouse located in the Republic of Texas.

In that simple mindset, I honestly just want UT to lose, how they do it, why they do it, who cares. They should go through the heart ache I went through during the mid-2000s. They were the top dogs; we were swimming in the seas of mediocrity. It sucked. I am human, and I will always remember how much those times sucked. Do I want our state rival to succeed? Absolutely not.

As we all know, there was an INCREDIBLE momentum shift in the state of Texas last year. And with that ‘”momentum shift” in mind… I arrive at the point of this brief ramble…


Absolute gold (with a shade of Maroon).

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