Friday, February 8, 2013

Pedro Gomez, Aggies Beat Reporter

Lost amid the National Signing Day hysteria was the fact that ESPNU surprised us all by generously lending the Aggies one Pedro Gomez, who may or may not have even heard of Texas A&M before this week. Scott couldn't pass up the opportunity to break it down.

It’s pretty simple… I see Texas A&M recruiting video clip… I watch it.  Stumbled upon this gem, decided to share it with my people, and couldn’t help but to add commentary (or narration). 

0:04 – Pedro Gomez?!?!?!?!  At Texas A&M covering National Signing Day?  Isn’t he a baseball guy?  Oh, what’s that you say Wikipedia?  He has covered 15 World Series, 10+ All Star Games and is a voting member for the Baseball Hall of Fame.  Why in the world is he holding an ESPNU microphone and standing in our athletic complex?  Is Buster Olney in Baton Rouge?  Either ESPN is low on college football analysts (realistic consider David Pollack has a job) or Mr. Gomez has been relegated to the “B” squad.

0:10 – And it seems like Pedro is going all out in this shoot with his tremendous emphasis on “and that’s underscored by their 8th ranking nationally with that class.”  Never mind, Pedro seems high.

0:21 – So Daeshon Hall flipped from Washington TO A&M.  So why on Earth would Hall want to go to Washington?   If you are going to go that far north… go to Oregon, they pay more.

0:24 – Pedro kind of looks like a Mexican Jay Leno.

0:29 – They got their quarterback some shiny new toys?  Come on Pedro, quit delaying, we know you have no idea who any of these guys are.

0:33 – Holy crap, I had no idea Texas A&M was looking for “speed and size” at the wide receiver position, I was under the impression they were looking for “intelligence and kindness”.

0:36 – AND WE GOT BOTH?!?!?!

0:40 – Alright, rumor has it Sebastian LaRue really is a blazer… touché Pedro.  (I meant fast).

0:42 – That 6’6 on Ricky Seals-Jones scouting report must have really “jumped” off the page (you are welcome Pedro, you can use that tomorrow when you are covering Blinn’s recruiting class).

0:47 – I watched The Pony Excess… didn’t the Aggies very clearly give Eric Dickerson a gold Trans Am?  Well I am glad he is finally paying it back in the form of his BIG cousin Ricky.

0:52 – Uhm we “contended” and succeeded last year Pedro.  Pull your head out of dugout.

Thanks Pedro for that riveting report.   And thanks ESPN for sending your seemingly prominent baseball write to College Station to talk about size, speed, and toys.

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