Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Texas and Texas A&M Continue to Feud

Here we see it again, Chapter 825 in the book I like to call The Great Battle of Brothers. Texas A&M and Texas are happily on their hiatus from each other and some meddling politician jumps into the picture and proclaims "YOU TWO MUST FIIIIIIGHT!"



Restart... In case you are living under a rock (that also happens to be located under a larger rock), I'll fill you in on what happened Monday morning. A bill was introduced to the Texas State Legislature that would require the University of Texas and Texas A&M University to compete, annually, in a football game or suffer penalties to their athletic scholarships. The bill was filed by Ryan Guillen, a Texas State Representative and ring wearing Aggie. If you check out that twitter link, you'll see some of the response he has received from Ags and non-Ags alike. Longhorns are saying "look how desperate they are to play us again!" while Aggies are saying "stop making us look desperate!" Either way, it does seem everyone can agree that the Texas State Legislature should stop worrying about college athletics and start worrying about more significant topics (like an aging infrastructure, immigration issues, or... I don't know... increasing intrastate commerce).

CHAPTER 825  -  Intrastate Commerce
Ryan Guillen is a good Ag. I'm assuming he is a good Ag because he married an Ag and he has a 2 year-old Ag-in-the-making. If you want to know more about Ryan, then go here and read up. Personally, I don't care to read more about Ryan Guillen, I already know enough about the guy to know he's vetted this idea for more than just 5 minutes while watching ESPN. Yes there will be some constituents who will get pouty because of a politician meddling in college football, but there is a bigger agenda here. If College Athletics is the front porch of state-funded universities, then the state-funded universities are the front porch of the state of Texas. (What is the front porch of a front porch? The front steps perhaps?) So why shouldn't the Texas Legislature attempt to do what they think is right for the betterment of the state?
Tell me, is there anything that advertises the state of Texas better than The Lone Star Showdown? Texas takes a lot of pride in their football; and rightfully so, because it brings in a TON of cash. Now, don't get me caught up on pro teams, because they are privately owned and entirely football related, thus, care little about the babblings of the Texas State Legislature. On the other hand, Public universities (and many private ones as well) have an enormous influence on the state as a whole. Money, skilled workers, marketing, perception, and research all come from a successful stable of organizations of higher learning. So it would be the logical thing to do to step in when you see two of your kids failing to capitalize on millions of dollars of revenue just because of a few men's egos. 
Does it pass? Well, you'll just have to wait until the next chapter to find out.


  1. It is crazy how much control only a few men had in taking away such a meaningful rivalry to the entire state of Texas.

  2. If Ryan Guillen cant do it no one can!