Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Gullibility and Sincerity - by Dr. Michael Shaub

I would like to introduce you to some eloquent words written by one of my A&M heroes, Dr. Michael Shaub. We, as avid sport's fans, are often far too quick to elevate sport-related individuals and occurrences to a "larger-than-life" mystique.

Gullibility and Sincerity - by Dr. Michael Shaub

Deceit, insincerity, and ruthlessness are overlooked by fans all too often because we want to believe in the happy ending. Look no further than the triumphant return to the Super Bowl by Ray Lewis. A story book ending to a long and dark journey of retribution through the lens of sports and fame.

I do not yet agree with Dr. Shaub's initial judgement of Te'o's character. After all, a main part of Dr. Shaub's life calling is to see the potential in college aged boys and guide them to becoming the upstanding men they are capable of becoming. Personally, my own "choose-Teo's-adventure" book would end with the ultimate humbling given to a serial humble-braggart, but that doesn't change our emotional connection to the mystique behind the story.

Are all of these sports fantasies great reads? Yep.

Are all of these sports figures heroes? Obviously not.

Are all of these sports stories really just life lessons we can observe and relate to our own lives? Well the beauty IS in the eye of the beholder; but you might want to put on some 'Dr. Shaub reading glasses' before diving too far into the next Cinderella story.

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