Friday, December 21, 2012

Last Year's Wishes - Revisited

Oh the difference a year can make.  Last year at this time - gearing up for the whopping Meineke Car Care Bowl (granted we did come through).  This year – can we say Johnny Heisman?  Can we say recruiting overflow?  Can we say epic Cotton Bowl showdown?  Yea, for the bazillionth time… life is good.

This time last year Ben and I made a Christmas wish list, ranging from legitimate on the field wishes (win our bowl game), to fantasy-like desires (bring in real female cheerleaders).  I figured it would be fun to open up the time capsule and give a quick update on how our wishes turned out.  Don’t go back and read the whole article, it will make you feel real weird at how crummy the times were back then.  Stay in the cheerful present.

Last years wish:  A win in the Meineke Car Care Bowl – WE DIT IT.  WE WON THE MEINEKE CAR CARE BOWL!  Dare I say this is where all the momentum started?  I mean when you take care of a national powerhouse like Northwestern in your own Houston backyard you might as well start planning next year’s parade.  Enough sarcasm, we did the only thing a decent team would do, we won.  Our first Christmas wish came true.

Last years wish:  A healthy season for Christine Michael - Who would have thought that this would be the most irrelevant, unneeded wish in history.  I pined for more Christine Michael for the whole first half of the season, saying things like, “sure Ben Malena is solid, but Christine can be GREAT”.  Welp, if I don’t have to eat a full crow, I should definitely take a big bite.  Christine had minor, fleeting contributions, but due to whatever dog house issues that arose (lack of blocking was a rumor) he spent most of this year watching from the sideline as he saw one of his teammates lead the SEC in rushing for majority of the year (a quarterback?).  Honestly, we did just fine without him.  I wish you well though Christine, may your physical beauty lead to NFL success.

Last years wish:  For the Texas A&M higher-ups to shut up – Honestly, I don’t fully remember what this wish was actually referring to?  Maybe Ben knows.  I will use this brief brain fart as an opportunity to give a shout out to our marketing department.  They have done a fantastic job this year, especially now that Manziel has won the Heisman.  Hello David Letterman and Jay Leno!

Last years wish:  Gorilla Glue for the team to stick together – Who knew that Gorilla Glue is also called “Kevin Sumlin and staff”.

Last years wish:  Knee braces to preserve our offensive line – BOOM, spot on with that wish.  Our offensive lineman remained healthy and helped our redshirt freshmen quarterback win the Heisman.  Yea, they did their job and then some.  May they all be rewarded with NFL spoils.

Last years wish:  SEC flashcards to learn about our new opponents – I think Alabama, Arkansas, Ole Miss, Miss St, and Auburn need Texas A&M flashcards.  OH SNAP.  (I purposefully left off Missouri... they need general football flashcards).

Last years wish:  Female Cheerleaders – You know what a winning season does?  It makes me forget about petty complaints like why we don’t have babes on our sidelines.  Yell leaders are even cooler when they are yelling for the Heisman winner.  Who knows, will all this innovative thinking going on in College Station… well I have seen crazier things.

Last years wish:  A switch from Adidas to Under Armour – Now my love for Under Armour has not dwindled at all, but Adidas did step up their game this year with some fantastic adaptations of our consistently simple threads.  They earned themselves another year or two.  Maybe Adidas was just uninspired when we were in the Big 12.  I don’t blame them.  I wouldn’t want to blow my uniform load when somebody like Baylor is coming to town either.

Last years wish: A return to Coke after our Pepsi fling – Well, I left College Station and honestly I hear sodas are bad for you.  And why isn’t Dr. Pepper big enough to sponsor an entire campus.  If I am going to die on sodas, I want to drown in those beautiful 23 flavors.  

There you have it.  We were in a dark, petty, whiney place last year.  Since then wishes came true, wishes became irrelevant, and wishes were totally forgotten.  Since then we hired a coach, snagged a quarterback, and gained back the national respect that had begun to dwindle.  

For the bazillionth (plus one) time, life is good (just like Dr. Pepper) in Aggie Land.

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  1. May the next year be even better!!