Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Sunday Package, Ole Miss Edition

The perfect compliment to a cool fall morning and a hot cup of coffee: short thoughts from last night's game in Oxford.

THREE signature plays of the game, in order:

1. Mike Evans' 4th quarter leaping catch over the Ole Miss DB on 3rd and long from their own end zone.

2. Steven Jenkins' TAINT (that's touchdown after interception for you non-Bill Simmons readers) at the end of the first half, when things were looking pretty shaky.

3. Toney Hurd Jr.'s interception to seal the game for the Aggies.

TWO head-scratchers that possibly made me throw a drink at the wall:

1. Taylor Bertolet. I can live with missed FGs; it's a part of the game. But missed PATs are simply horrible.

2. Dustin Harris muffing the punt. That's a senior making a freshman mistake. It should have been the nail in the coffin. This was the only TO that really aggravated me. The others were guys trying to make something happen or fight for extra yardage after contact.

ONE nugget that you should remember:

1. Enjoy getting the chills.

Your Aggies will be ranked for the first time in almost a year when they face also newly ranked Louisiana Tech next week in Shreveport. (Insert cliche about Bulldogs and fighting and Aggies.)

Swagger. It's nice, isn't it.

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