Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Observations from Kyle Field

Saturday was the first opportunity I had this season to take in a game at Kyle Field. You may have picked up on that, as the award-winning in-game tweeting was nonexistent due to the archaic cellular coverage in College Station. My day at Kyle Field was a pleasure, as always, and it wasn't without its usual treats. The following are some of the things that I mentally noted (none of which have anything to do with the actual game):

1. The number of solid (and by solid, I mean full, dark, and manly) mustaches among the students at Texas A&M has exploded recently. I counted no less than 8 lip-ticklers that deserved two thumbs up. Anyone that reminds me of #3 is fine by me.

2. I have never heard a louder chorus of boos at Kyle Field than the one following the questionable pass interference penalty called on Texas A&M in the 2nd half. This is something I have been openly pining for - hissing is neat and all, but it isn't loud enough to really let the referees or the opposing team feel the 12th Man's wrath. The booing on Saturday was powerful and effective. Less hissing, more booing!

3. The in-game use of the video board and PA system was VASTLY improved over past years. Maybe they scaled it down for the nationally televised game? Whatever the reason, it was nice to not constantly be bombarded with "H-E-B's Tailgate of the Week" and "Texaco Row of the Game" and multiple "Aggie Bugle Calls" during critical moments in the game or during the Aggie Band playing a song.

4. Can we stop with the neon shirts and hats? What's wrong with maroon and/or white? Did we change our school colors without me knowing? Are the "FLO" groups pushing this? Why is this happening?

5. The eye candy present at tailgate on Saturday cannot be understated. (Or so I hear... right?)

6. At one point in the game, a student wearing a yellow banana costume was shown on the video board. I wondered if I knew someone in his section I could call and ask to punch this banana kid in the face. I thought of giving him the benefit of the doubt, and maybe he lost a bet, but he was clearly enjoying wearing a banana outfit that happened to be the opposing team's color. Let's drop the banana bit, guys.

7. I think I like where the majority of the Corps is now seated at Kyle Field. I believe they are the loudest body of people in the stadium, and having them in the corner, where their noise projects out to the whole field rather than the north third of the field, makes sense. 

8. I was thoroughly disappointed to see the amount of LSU colors present in the stands at Kyle Field on Saturday. Not that it was overwhelming, or obvious, but I'd rather none of them be present at all. I realize that's not realistic, and also that Texas A&M season ticket holders have the right to sell their tickets to whoever they want, but I wish they could have found Aggie buyers. Disgusted is probably not a strong enough word to describe my assessment of LSU fans on Saturday.

9. One thing I didn't realize would be going on was tailgate ring dunks. There really is nothing like having a couple hundred random people surround your group to watch you attempt to drink a pitcher of flat beer as fast as possible. After going through it a few years ago, being on the other side is a freaking blast. Ring dunks are awesome.

All in all, it was a pretty solid little weekend trip to Kyle Field. Obviously the game was a huge buzzkill, but sometimes the experience can compensate for the sting of defeat. Saturday was fun, and it affirmed my beliefs that moving to the SEC would result in a better gameday experience in College Station.

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