Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Kool-Aid Aside... A Real Heisman Candidate?

Kool-Aid aside… yes, I believe he is.

What if the Aggies knock off LSU this weekend and Manziel has anything above a horrendous game (but then again, if the Aggies were to win, Manziel would OBVIOUSLY have done some things well)? 

He could very well be a Heisman frontrunner.

What if the Aggies fall to LSU?  Well, he should still probably be on the list.

My dream scenario:  Johnny Football gets invited to the Heisman ceremony.  I don’t want to drown myself in my own Kool-Aid and start envisioning every scenario that ends with Johnny Football at the podium accepting the award.  Probably not going to happen… probably shouldn’t happen.

Winning the Heisman has a little something to do with seniority (no freshman has ever won the award).  And a little something to do with your team’s overall record (well… minus last year I guess).  I believe those two factors will ultimately eliminate Johnny Football from winning the prestigious award this year. 

Tangent:  If the Aggies beat LSU and win the rest of their games (minus Alabama) and finish with a 10-2 record… well, that might be enough (again, considering what it would likely take from Johnny to lead the Aggies to that record).  I can only imagine the amazing publicity that Johnny and Texas A&M would receive if he were on the final short list and invited to the nationally televised ceremony. 

Look at the facts: redshirt freshman, first year head coach, inaugural SEC season; the odds seemed insurmountable.  But all Johnny Football has done is completely reignite the Fightin’ Texas Aggies’ world. 

Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of other factors in play (attitude change via Sumlin and his staff), but this story is about Johnny Football.  And nobody can tell me otherwise.  It may end up being the defense that costs this team a chance at greatness, but at least we have “potential greatness” to talk about.  We have hit the halfway point and the flukes should have disappeared.  We have a potential Heisman candidate running our team.  The game of football revolves around the quarterback.  It is the single most important position on the field.  And we have found one.

Johnny is going to have some more freshmen moments.  But as long as he limits them and mitigates their effect with the inevitable big play, we will be just fine. 

Honestly, I am probably writing this piece a week too early.  If the Aggies lay a stink-bomb this weekend, we might have to pour out some of our Kool-aid that has been accumulated at a rapid pace.  BUT, if the Aggies do pull off the upset, well, every single bit of this piece rings true. 

My friends and I like to imagine that every big game at Kyle Field is the biggest game of our lives.  Florida could have been… but we lost and had to commit ourselves to short-term memory loss in order to cope.  This game could be a statement win; not only a statement win for our University, but a statement win for Johnny Manziel that would ultimately complete his ascension into the national spotlight.  Deep down, I believe we got a good chance.  And Johnny is main reason.  

Let's go out and win a big one.

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