Thursday, October 25, 2012

A True Golden Nugget

I came across this excerpt from John Brandon's College Football write-up on Grantland this morning.  I had to share it.  It is perfect.  A truly balanced, fair, complimentary view of Texas A&M at its current state.  It made me proud, validated, and most of all... motivated.  Thank you John Brandon (the acclaimed author of ArkansasCitrus County, and most recently, A Million Heavens), whoever you are.  And thank you Bill Simmons for creating Grantland.

"Two roads have diverged in the shadowed SEC wood. Missouri has proven unworthy, while Texas A&M has shown it belongs. And how. Nonetheless, the Aggies' Kyle Field was put through its second unhappy initiation Saturday. There's plenty to be happy about in College Station. You've got a real-deal superstar quarterback and you'll have him for a couple more years. You've got a top-10 recruiting class arriving next year, 28 strong. Texas is down. Ryan Swope and Damontre Moore. Plenty to smile about. But then there's this other matter: There are three teams in the SEC — A&M has already faced two and will play the last of them, Alabama, on November 10 — who do not care whether their quarterback or their home crowd has a nickname, who do not care about statistics, who do not care about orchestrating a balanced offense or if TV analysts feel confident in their passing attacks, who do not care if they get called for three or four personal fouls a game, who do not care if their cheerleaders are pretty or what their BCS rank is, who do not care about anything except strapping themselves into a steel chair and strapping the opponent into an identical chair opposite them and exchanging head-slaps until one party passes out. LSU and Florida were good enough to allow A&M the first half-dozen swings, and then coaches Miles and Muschamp looked up, blood trickling down their chins, maniacal grins spreading across their faces, and slowly lifted their pimp hands. Alabama is not known to show such courtesy. They're known to strike you in the temple immediately, so you'll give in right away.
All this is to say that the final step of assimilation for coach Kevin Sumlin and Texas A&M will be gaining that depth, conditioning, mind-set, and ability to adjust at halftime, all of which allows a team to want four quarters. It reminds a team that the first half can be loads of fun, but the second half determines the winner."

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