Thursday, September 20, 2012

The week of the powderpuff, scheduling, and other tidbits

Winning cures all.  A heartbreaking loss to Florida was all but forgotten after a wonderful thumping of SMU.  The Aggies looked great, and once again, all is well in Aggieland.

And then comes the week of the powderpuff (the first of two powderpuff weekends to be exact).  I define a powderpuff as a sure-fire, run-up-the-score win; South Carolina State is most definitely a powderpuff. 

Powderpuff weeks are weird.  The buildup just isn’t there.  But honestly, with this team, I think it is exactly what we need.  Little to no tension this week, just a calm, steady confidence.  Show up at Kyle Field, pile up some stats, flex your muscles, and leave with a nice (albeit inflated) 2 – 1 record.

Did you know that if a team plays TWO division II schools they need SEVEN wins to become bowl eligible?  I honestly didn’t know this little tidbit until dissecting our schedule prior to the season.  I suppose this is somewhat of a moot point given that the extra powderpuff game essentially equals an extra win.  But would you not rather use that extra game to play the likes of University of Houston (post Kevin Sumlin and Case Keenum, obviously) or some other geographically advantageous school like Rice?  Not quite powderpuff games, but very winnable games nonetheless.

SMU was not a powderpuff, they went to a bowl game last year, June Jones is a quality coach, and the artist formerly known as Garrett Gilbert is a talented, quarterback.  The Aggies took care of business.  Don’t take those wins for granted… Arkansas definitely doesn’t anymore.

Speaking of geographically advantageous games, I really enjoyed the home and away with SMU.  I was not a fan of the home and away (or half neutral) with Louisiana Tech.  Just a little gift left behind by Bill Byrne.  Granted the hurricane serves as the main reason for this disdain, I am still not a fan of being at the will of the not-so-worthwhile WAC commissioner.  Obviously, I am still upset.

Ok, moving beyond the angst towards an event that was out of my control and solely the act of Mother Nature.  Is a home and away agreement with a lower class (don’t get me wrong, LA Tech is good this year, though) Louisiana team worthwhile?  Are we required to agree to a home and away for such things?  Honestly, I don’t know how these arrangements are done?  I know this is about money and payouts, but are there set guidelines or is this just a “make it up as we go along” thing?  Obviously, we don’t have to go to Sam Houston State next year, but could we have gotten the SMU team to agree to one game at Kyle Field, a guaranteed payout with not strings attached?

I should defer to higher sources on these questions.

So the Aggies are 1 – 1 with some good momentum.  A competitive showing against Florida, a thumping of SMU, a soon to be thumping of South Carolina State and then a great matchup with an Arkansas team led by the disaster formerly known as John L. Smith.  If I were Arkansas I would be clamoring for the good old days of Petrino and his motorcycle coed club.  I can only hope an era is coming to an end in Arkansas.

Despite my jabs at Arkansas it is far from a guaranteed win.  If Tyler Wilson is able to return, he undoubtedly has the leadership and skill set to get the team back on their feat despite John L.  No guarantees, but I am definitely not counting my kitchens before they hatch.

All in all, my mood is pretty good. 

And guess what?

Despite the SEC gauntlet that looms, I think we have found ourselves a quarterback.

A quarterback that is worthy of starting in my cutthroat college fantasy football league.  A quarterback that can be the face of our University during this transition into the SEC.  A quarterback with the true gift of “swagger”.  The kind of quarterback that begs the crowd for more and wants to rise to the occasion.  He is winning me over.  Really quickly.  A week ago I would only refer to him as our redshirt freshmen quarterback, but today… he is a winner… and winning makes me smile. 

Gig ‘em Johnny Manziel.     


  1. Under the new measure, if there are not enough bowl-eligible teams, or if a bowl cannot be filled by its conference affiliations, the open spots would be filled through a six-tier tiebreaking process.

    The 5-7 teams, if they have a top-five score on the Academic Progress Rate, can enter at the bottom of the process.

    Ordinarily, teams need to finish with a minimum .500 winning percentage with at least six wins -- five against other Football Bowl Subdivision teams -- to be bowl eligible. A sixth win against a Football Championship Subdivision team only counts if the FCS school meets scholarship requirements.

    Now, first consideration will go to 6-6 teams with a win against any FCS teams, regardless of scholarships, then 6-6 teams with two wins against FCS schools.

    A team that finishes 6-7 and loses in a conference championship would be next, followed by 6-7 teams that normally play a 13-team schedule, such as Hawaii and its home opponents.

    Then bowls could then invite FCS teams making the move to FBS, if they have at least a 6-6 record.

    Finally, a team with a top-five APR that finishes 5-7 could be selected.

  2. It only takes 6 wins to be bowl eligible this year, even with 2 FCS wins. Granted, you are second to last pick the only one lower than you is a 5-7 team with only one, or less victory over a FCS team.