Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Calm Before the Storm

Typically, on most Thursday evenings of the past few years, I would find myself at College Station's finest dining establishment, Republic, enjoying either a cold Shiner or a handcrafted cocktail ordered on the recommendation of the best bartender in town, Stephanie, while listening to the underrated music of the great Brad Cooper and Daniel Crawford, thinking my shit actually didn't stink, and in general, living for the moment.

Tonight, I find myself listening to the Red Hot Chili Peppers at a kitchen table in a condo in Connecticut, scheming of ways to make it to College Station for the big game on Saturday (if you have an extra ticket, plus a way to get me to Easterwood Airport on the cheap, I'm all ears brother). Times change, folks!

So here we are, two days before the (arguably) most hyped game in the history of Kyle Field, waiting to see if the Aggies can get it done. Can they? Yes. Will they? That remains to be seen.

It's too quiet tonight. The storm is coming, and I can't wait.

Taylor Hamm had a solid piece up at this morning about the impact the Florida game could potentially have on recruiting. The list of recruits attending Saturday's game is both large and impressive, so naturally we would like the team to win in exciting fashion.

Taylor drew comparisons between the Florida game with last year's Oklahoma State game, which I think is accurate. The hype surrounding the games is certainly similar, although in any comparison of a Big 12 game against an SEC game, I would probably bet the farm on the fans being more excited about this game (not to mention that having my dog coach the Aggies probably would have excited me more than watching Mike Sherman, but maybe that's beside the point).

Hamm also reminded us of the list of recruits who attended that game, which included a pretty large number who ended up signing elsewhere, implying that those recruits were maybe influenced by the heartbreaking loss to the Cowpokes, with his overarching point being that it will be important for the Aggies to win to impress recruits on Saturday.

I agree that this week is important in impressing recruits, but I don't know that the team winning or losing this week's game will have that much of an impact on the recruits' decisions.

First and foremost, the atmosphere of Kyle Field should sell the recruits, with this being the first game, ESPN Gameday is on site, and it's an SEC matchup against a team these recruits grew up watching win national championships.

I also don't like comparing the recruiting results from last year against our predictions for what will happen this year. With the coach getting fired after an extremely disappointing season in a second-tier league, it's difficult to pin losing recruits on any one visit to an Aggie game.

I also think that Coach Sumlin will be able to overcome any individual game results and sell the recruits on what he is building at Texas A&M. If recruits are only going to come to A&M if we win X number of games this year, then I'm not going to be very confident in our 2013 recruiting class.

If the 12th Man does its part on Saturday, the rest will take care of itself. The team plays better, the recruits are awestruck, and the fans ultimately come away happy.

Everybody get your rest tonight. This weekend has the potential to be one of our biggest.

Rise up, 12th Man. This game is on you.

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