Monday, September 10, 2012

It Wasn't the Worst Loss Ever

I went to the game.  It turned out painful (like every loss does).  And since I walked out of the stadium, I have pretty much blocked it out of my mind.  I have not read nor watched anything since.  I wanted to let the game clear from mind, then revisit the happenings.  I didn’t want to let any sugar coated tex ag columns (or any column for that matter) cloud my disappointment.  

I truly believe that some good things happened on Saturday and our redshirt freshmen quarterback did well all things considered.  But you don't step onto the field to make "some" good things happen and merely "do your best," you step on the field to win.  With that being said…

My assessments might be wrong, they might be premature, they might be emotional… but hey, that's why I am here.

It definitely wasn’t the worst loss ever, that’s for sure.  Given our redshirt freshmen quarterback and our entrance into the SEC, the expectations were tempered.  Last year was WAY worse.  Can we consider that somewhat demented view as progress?  Maybe.  Probably not.

This one hurt, because the game was winnable on all accounts.  Florida’s defense is REALLY fast and REALLY good overall.  Our redshirt quarterback is fast and pretty darn good overall.  But pretty darn good is usually a euphemism for “not quite enough.”  The QB draw and QB scramble worked well in the first half, but when the Florida D realized that was all we had… they adapted.  I understand a conservative game plan given the situation, but that doesn’t mean I have to love it. 

I am still happy with Sumlin.  And I am honestly still happy with our redshirt freshmen quarterback.  They both showed some guts.  One question that looms in my mind is this: was our super conservative offense mainly due to play-calling, or due to our redshirt freshmen quarterback not having the confidence nor experience to make a pass that wasn’t a screen or bubble route.  Did the Aggies complete a pass greater than five yards in which the receiver was moving forward when he caught the ball?  I don’t remember one.  And that bothers me.  I was in the crowd, so my view was definitely sketchy at best.  But where were the five yard slant routes… that is a relatively elementary pass right?  I wasn’t expecting a bunch of deep post routes or fifteen yard out routes.  But some medium range stuff across the middle… that could have been done right? 

Our defense looked good.  We held our SEC opponent to 20 points.  Solid.  Granted Florida’s offense is mediocre, the outcome was nothing to scoff at.  I loved the pass rush and I sure hope it continues when we face the teams that are more equipped to handle it.  Thank you defense for keeping it close.

Overall, it was probably a good national showing, and that is worth something.  The score was close (heck, it is better than it being ridiculous).  The individuals who watched it on TV said they were quite complementary of A&M.  I can only imagine the redshirt freshmen quarterback love fest that must have gone on at halftime.  For a brief moment in time our redshirt freshmen quarterback was a hit (and still might be). 

It is always hard to look back on any game that puts a tally mark in the loss column.  College football is ALL about the wins and losses.  There is no draft pick to look forward to; just the thought of missed opportunities.

Great weekend, ho-hum game

If you hadn’t noticed, I used the term redshirt freshmen quarterback a lot.  Well, at the end of the day, that is what he is.  And I have to remember that.  Patience isn’t my strong suit, but it is what this season will require.

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