Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Bigger... Better?

Reports came out today announcing the results of the study commissioned to research the effects of renovating every Aggie's favorite make-out spot, Kyle Field.

In short, the University is willing to spend nearly half a billion dollars, the stadium capacity may be increased to somewhere in the vicinity of 102,500, and the construction could be done in phases over a period of three years.

Sign me up.

I have made light of the A&M/UT rivalry over the past few months, partly because I know people that would rather have the largest stadium in Texas than the largest in the SEC. It makes sense - all of us bleed maroon, so naturally we want to be better than UT, in anything, at all costs (even half a billion dollars!)

The best thing about this news, however, is that not only would Kyle Field be the largest stadium in Texas, but also in the SEC.

And to that, I say hell yes.

During the conference/head coach/athletic director shuffle of the past year we have heard Texas A&M referred to as a "sleeping giant". Those using the term looked at the size of the school, the passionate fan base, the geographic location, and the resources of the University when saying Texas A&M had the potential to be a national power.

News like these renovations are proof that this football program and university are waking up, and that the administration and the Board are willing to do what it takes to field a winning football team.

Before I get ahead of myself, I acknowledge that a huge state-of-the-art football stadium doesn't equal success on the field. Tennessee, Alabama, UT, Michigan, et al have endured rough stretches over various parts of the last decade. (Take note, Baylor fans - don't bite off more than you can chew!)

However, in the situation of Kyle Field, having a stadium that gives a fan base already recognized as the loudest in America the opportunity to fit in another 20,000 people (about 25% of current capacity) makes the visit for opposing teams that much more difficult, and also impresses the heck out of recruits. That should not be understated. An awe-inspiring Kyle Field would be added to the growing list of things the Aggies have going in their favor in the eyes of recruits.

This is also about us - imagine our gameday experience as the 12th Man with 100,000+. It remains to be seen exactly what the renovations will actually result in, as well as how much it will cost. I'm trying not to get too excited here, but stadiums are a distinct bragging point for the fans of any serious football school, and ours just got a big green light to go get itself a nice little face lift.

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