Friday, September 28, 2012

5 Reasons the Aggies Should Cook the Hogs This Week

Sick jorts, bro
Look what we have here, ladies and gentlemen: Trey Bahney is back! Apparently people do have real jobs that require real time to really work at. Trey offers up why he thinks the Aggies take care of business tomorrow at Kyle Field:

#1 Coaching: John L. Smith is still very much an enigma to many Aggies out there, but let me give you a little bit of back story to this crazy kook (as seen in the previous post). At the peak of his coaching career, he was hired as the Michigan State head coach. After missing bowl games the last three years of his four year stint, he was replaced by Mark Dantonio. As any coach who is recently fired from a high profile school does, he went into broadcasting for two years. Finally, in '09 he was hired on to coach special teams for Arkansas. Now, stay with me here, this offseason he left Arkansas to become the head coach at Weber State (his alma mater) only to turn around a couple months later and replace Petrino as the “interim head coach”. Oh yea, and he filed for bankruptcy earlier this month.

All that aside, you’re looking at a defensive coach who was doing special teams taking over for an offensive genius. You know who has struggled the most with this change in leadership? Every single aspect of their team. The offense doesn't work because they don’t have the guru calling the correct plays, the defense doesn't work because everyone is spending time trying to figure out the offense, and the special teams doesn't work because they've lost hope in the team.

#2 Christine Michael: He ran for 230 yards and 3 touchdowns against Arkansas last year while splitting time with Cyrus (95 yards and 2 TDs). I don’t care about him being in the doghouse the last two weeks, he is a senior and he’s not going to miss the opportunity to run over this defense again.

#3 Jarius White is in the NFL: The guy torched us for 281 receiving yards last year. It was a school record and a total embarrassment to our defense. Now he is in the NFL and we just have to worry about Cobi Hamilton (303 yards and 3 TDs last week against Rutgers).

#4 JFF is taking care of the ball: Last year, we practically gave away the game by turning the ball over and giving Arkansas opportunity after opportunity. All the yards he has gained aside, Johnny has taken care of the football and that will be very important if the game turns into a shootout.

#5 Kyle Field: The fans are hungry, the team is hungry, and Arkansas is just happy to be away from home where they have disappointed their home fans three weeks in a row. The problem with that is this is their first road game of the season. The 12th Man will feast on the opportunity to terrorize the already shaky psyche of a team spiraling downhill.

Look, Arkansas has the athletes to compete with this team, but they don’t have the heart right now. Sumlin’s offensive system is to speed up when you’re scoring. This is a “step on the throat” approach that was missing in years past. When the opposing team is down, take advantage and finish the job. My prediction is 45 - 24 Ags with C-Mike going for 100+ yards and 2 TDs.

P.S. The world is headed for a bacon shortage so stuff your face with bacon this weekend and wash it down with a big glass of maroon kool-aid.

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