Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Tractor Beam


Practices. Position battles. School resuming. Tickets bought. Scrimmages. Schedule analyzed. (We will DEFINITELY win that game!) Preseason rankings. ESPN commercials. Freshmen.

When we have nothing to do but dream. When baseball hasn’t quite hit the stretch run, basketball is still a few months away, and the secondary sports really have nothing to offer.

When we talk ourselves into Louisiana Tech being a relatively easy win, no matter how well they played last year, no matter how young the quarterback is, no matter how big the game right after it is.

When we take even the most simple of video tours of a weight room, and glorify it as the football program’s arrival to the upper tier of athletics.

When we really haven’t the slightest idea of how our team is going to perform this year, yet we keep telling ourselves the transition won’t be too rough.

When we tend to forget that our football team has severely disappointed us within the last 12 months, but looking at the past just isn’t much fun, is it?

When we hang on every word that comes from the new coach’s mouth, as if this “energy” will mask the fact that he has never coached in our new conference, which happens to be the toughest in all of America.

When we circle the dates in our calendar, when we book the RV, when we buy the tickets, when absolutely nothing can possibly go wrong.


I tell myself every year to not get too high on Aggie football. (The QB has never even taken a snap! The running back has ended the last two seasons on crutches! We are playing in the freaking SEC West!) I try to be objective, to not set my expectations at an unreasonable level, to look at our team like everyone else in the country does.

But I can’t help it. Maybe it’s just part of who we are as the 12th Man. We dream.

We long for the Wrecking Crew, yet we know a defense like that, these days, just ain’t gonna happen. We still scream “Toooooooooooooooombs” every time those great teams get shown on the video board, like the beastly running back/freight train from Kilgore was the one that just punched in the touchdown in the north end zone.

And you know what? That’s what makes August great. We have to dream, because that’s all we have right now. Let the heartbreak come when it may, but right now, we have the same record as Alabama, LSU, and Florida.

I can tell myself to not get sucked in every year. But it’s going to happen. There is too much to like about this program, right now, to not get sucked in.

Bring it on, Florida.

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