Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Thanks a Million, Isaac

As you may have heard, Thursday's game against Louisiana Tech in Shreveport has been postponed to Saturday, October 13 due to the *massive* number of people evacuating from the gulf coast to escape the wrath of Level 1 Hurricane Isaac.

To be clear, this decision has enormous implications for the Aggies, including:

- The Florida game will be the Aggies' first live action of the season.

- The bye week before the LSU game is now gone.

- Starting on Oct. 6 in Oxford against Ole Miss, the Aggies play 5 of 6 games on the road, including two trips to the state of Alabama.

- The starting QB's first career pass attempt will come against an SEC defense led by Will Muschamp, in a game featured on ESPN's College Gameday on national television.

- Players suspended for the first game of the season now most likely miss the Florida game, rather than Louisiana Tech.

Take a deep breath, yell as loud as you can for 5 seconds, take another deep breath, and read on.

This isn't all bad news here. Yes, we would all like to watch our team play on Thursday night, we would all like our team to play a game against a relatively easy opponent before jumping into SEC action, and we would rather a hurricane not be bearing down on a battered region near and dear to a lot of us.

But there are some silver linings here:

- Christine Michael gets nine more days to strengthen that knee.

- Manziel gets nine more days of practice reps.

- The secondary gets more time to get sorted out.

- The coaching staff gets three extra days to prepare for Florida.

- The Florida coaching staff will now have absolutely no tape of Sumlin's Aggies to work with, while the Aggies have Florida's game against Bowling Green to watch.

- The team avoids a potential pitfall in Shreveport. Make no doubt about it, Louisiana Tech is not a bad team. Losing to them in the first game would have been disastrous. I am quite sure our expectations against Florida will be lower than against Louisiana Tech.

Again, this sucks. I was just as excited as you to watch the game on Thursday, and break it down first thing Friday morning. Alas, it will have to wait.

Which begs the question, have we ever had a bigger game to officially start a season?

Bring it on.

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