Sunday, July 15, 2012

Is Texas A&M University Ready for the SEC? (Part I)

*Slams forehead on desk*

Back in the fall of 2011, when it became clear to all that Texas A&M University would no longer bear the burden of being publicly burned by the University of Texas and was bolting the Big 12 for the greener pastures of the SEC, I assumed the Aggies would eventually encounter their fair share of harmless jokes from their new conference brethren.

I expected the guys at Ole Miss to hear about the cadet drawing his sword on the SMU cheerleader that dared step onto the grass.

I figured the boys at Bama would do a few Google searches and learn about the sheep.

Heck, it wouldn't surprise me if the LSU message boards jumped all over the Yell Leaders' "Tra-la-la" YouTube fiasco.

Anyone interested in some good-natured ribbing of the opponent's fan base is going to do a little digging to find some dirt on the other school. It's part of what makes college athletics so fun, and rivalries so intense.

Here's the part where I get embarrassed.

Most (if not all) schools other than Texas A&M do their best to project a sense of superiority when it comes to their athletic department. For some reason, the Aggies' M.O. upon joining the SEC has been to effusively praise the other members of the conference, as if our staying in the conference depends on it. With this video, the marketing department gift-wrapped our insecurity for the other schools to prey on, and exposed us to easy ridicule.

News flash: Texas A&M (yes, President Loftin, there is an 'A' in there) is a full-fledged member of the SEC. We don't need to publicly pander to the emotions of the other SEC schools. We don't need to convince them of our worth. The SEC wanted us. They would have never considered Texas A&M for inclusion if they felt differently.

So drop the kind campaign, guys. Stunts like this video make us look weak (at best) and clueless. Let's act like we belong.

Until we do, no one will take Texas A&M seriously - on the field or off.

(Part II coming soon)

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