Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Gray and Fuller Conundrum

The Tannehill extravaganza has been settled! He and Mike Sherman have been reunited in South Beach.  We wish him the best of luck, but what about some of the other Aggies hoping to hear their name called...

Scott: Wow, we used over 1,600 words to fully dissect the Ryan Tannehill extravaganza... and I loved every bit of it.  And while he will steal the early spotlight in regards to Texas A&M Aggies entering the NFL, we have two other intriguing names to explore: Cyrus Gray and Jeff Fuller.

I honestly, couldn't think of two Aggie football players that are farther apart in my mind.  For all my normal anti-running back sentiments, I absolutely love Cyrus Gray. His vision, how hard he runs, how much he cared about the team, the glowing reviews from his coaches... everything pointed to him being the penultimate leader for Texas A&M.  And guess what, he has got the skills to have a worthwhile NFL career!  Will he be a game changer like Adrian Peterson?  Most likely not.  Can he become Rashard Mendenhall in the right situation?  Absolutely.  Running back is a revolving door in the NFL, and Cyrus definitely has the talent to keep one foot in that door for the next 7-8 years.  My hope is that when the situation arises, he pulls himself through that door and finds some of the lime light.  I honestly don't know where he will be drafted, but I have followed the NFL draft rather intently for the last decade and I would be VERY pleased if my team (Yes, the Cowboys... or any other team for that matter) snagged him in the fourth round.

Moving on to the next Martellus Bennett... the ever so polarizing Jeff Fuller.  I actually think the Fuller will follow the same NFL path as Marty B.  He will be touted as a top-notch athlete with legitimate skills, but will forever struggle to put in the time and effort to be great.  He will have a distinct love-hate relationship with his fanbase (wherever he may land), building excitement every training camp as reports flood in that Fuller is in great shape and primed for a breakout year... then the season will roll around and disappoint will ensue.  I have seen this story.  Now, with all of that being said, if the Cowboys (the easiest situation for me to relate to) were to draft him in say the 5th or 6th round... well I could buy into that.  Take a late round flyer on an underachieving athlete.  I could be wooed by such things.

I have same love and passion for Cyrus as I do Tannehill.  I believe they lived up to majority of their talent and left it all out on the field.  Fuller?  I definitely can't say the same for... maybe an NFL coach will whip him into shape... or maybe an NFL paycheck will further aide his slide into the oblivion.

What do you think Ben?  Do you feel like touching on any of the other draft prospects?  Coryell Judie?  Terrence Fredrick?  GO RANDY BULLOCK!

Ben: You may have just poked this bear with the stick, Scott. Few things get me as fired up as the demise of Jeff Fuller (a tribute to that demise), which is why I wrote about it a few weeks ago.

I admittedly don't pay much attention to pre-draft coverage, so I haven't seen where the "draft experts" (which is hilarious in and of itself) project Gray or Fuller to be selected. I am confident they will get drafted, and if you had a gun to my head I would probably say 5th round for Fuller and 6th round for Gray. Now that I say that, Gray will probably get drafted in the 2nd round and Fuller the 7th.

Who knows.

What I do know is I admire Cyrus Gray for being a stud from Day 1 at Texas A&M, and as for Jeff Fuller... yeah.

If the cards fall right, Fuller could wind up being a good third receiver who has a decent career. Gray will probably be a very solid backup. It all depends on the team that drafts them and the situation they come into.

The focus this weekend will be on Ryan Tannehill, and deservedly so. But I think it's pretty damn cool that Texas A&M has begun to establish itself as a school that can produce NFL talent. You only need to look at Von Miller for proof of that. And I have to face it, and give credit where credit is due: Mike Sherman did a fine job of developing talent at Texas A&M.

To end, I have one question for ya Scott. When do the games start?

Gig 'em.

Scott: When do the games start?  The NFL draft is way better than the actual games! Uninhibited optimism, limitless potential, fresh starts... it's a beautiful time.

By the way, following my Cyrus Gray - 4th round claim, I take a gander at Todd McShay's full seven round mock draft and it has Gray in the 6th and Fuller not being drafted.  Now this is by no means the most accurate prediction you will ever find, but hey, McShay dissects the NFL draft for a living, I do it as a hobby (although I do claim to have an impressive gut feeling around this time of year).

So with that said, I am feeling rather chipper at the moment, and I would love for the Cowboys (or insert your favorite team here) to draft Cyrus in 5th round to be the number 2 running back, snag some 10 ish carries a game and be an over all solid player.  Give me Jeff Fuller, in the 6th round (its a crapshoot by then), and I will roll the dice with a truly talented player who could learn the ropes from say, Dez Bryant... wait... that doesn't sound right, I don't Fuller getting arrested in shopping malls.  Ugh, my Cowboys pipe dream is hanging by a thread.

Go Morris Claiborne!

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