Tuesday, February 21, 2012

We're Back: Rundown Email Thread

It's been a while, hasn't it? Scott and Ben are back with a new chat wrap, inspired by Aggie signee DeVante Harris. This one gets interesting folks. Here we go...

Scott: DeVante Harris has spoken, and I feel obliged to listen.  I guess he was relatively pleased with Trey Bahney's #AggSwagg explanation and now he wants us to "define" #MaroonGoon and #Outchea. 
This is going to be a challenge. 
So why not crank this out together, email style.  Really get in touch with our inner #MaroonGoon.  Which, by the way, is where I will begin.  The MaroonGoon has got to be something similar to an absolutely, positively, red-ass, tradition-loving, reveille-protecting, farmer-fighting Texas A&M Aggie fan.  How does that sound to you?  Also, I am going to let you take the first stab at #Outchea...

Ben: So I guess we need to add a link on our website that is a dictionary for Aggie hash tags? This email thread is going to be hilarious - I can feel it...
I am going to say up front that I disagree with your definition. It's ok though! How in the world are we supposed to know what "Maroon Goons" are? But your explanation is the kinda thing I wanted us to confront when I suggested we start the Aggie Rundown last fall.
You know me - I'm not necessarily a fan of the redass, traditional, fighting farmer maroon kool-aid-drinking old Ag. I know you were heavily involved in Fish Camp at A&M, which tends to promote the rooting out of any kind of 2% behavior. By no means am I a "two-percenter", but one of the driving motivations behind the Aggie Rundown for me has always been to deliver a fresh dose of reality to the Aggie faithful. I think part of that reality is facing the fact that presenting ourselves as lovers of all things Reveille and overalls can sometimes have negative consequences.
The unique traditions of Texas A&M have stood the test of time, and probably always will. But as Trey more or less said last week, it's time to embrace the "AggSwagg" movement.
I wholeheartedly believe that the "AggSwagg" movement and the "absolutely, positively, red-ass, tradition-loving, reveille-protecting, farmer-fighting Texas A&M Aggie fan" are in direct opposition of one another. Specifically speaking, I doubt the 2012 recruiting class was convinced to come play for Texas A&M because we love our mascot, we have red backsides, or come from an agricultural background. They embrace ideas like "AggSwagg" because it's catchy, it's inspiring, and it's fun.
I think the "Maroon Goon" falls along the same lines. This new class of recruits has the makings of being special. I think they realize that. DeVante Harris is embracing the opportunity to play for Texas A&M, and his way of expressing that excitement is by calling himself a "Maroon Goon" - in other words, goodbye Wrecking Crew, hello Maroon Goons!
Harris is a great athlete that will play cornerback at A&M, and I think he sees his new defense as a bunch of Goons in Maroon that are going to terrorize the SEC. Let's hope this is how it actually plays out.
And now for "outchea"... I have been walking aimlessly wandering around Manhattan today - does that mean I am "outchea"? When you were raised in an area outside the big city, are you from "outchea"? Or is "outchea" a term used to describe something... Otherworldly? Extraordinary?
I don't think so. In risk of oversimplifying, I think "outchea" is another way of saying "out here" - like describing where one is at a given point in time. (I couldn't help but hear a very nasal professor's voice in my head as I typed that last line. I am so white. Wouldn't it be hilarious to ask an English professor to define "outchea"? Or better yet, a panel of writers at some kind of educational conference. Can Saturday Night Live please create a sketch like this? That has potential, right? Who's with me?!?!)
My move has been made, good sir. Your turn.

Scott: You know what really stuck out to me as I read your response... "goodbye wrecking crew, hello Maroon Goons!" 
A new beginning, a new conference, a new batch of players, and one new nickname.  I like it!  I have never been a big proponent of chanting "wrecking crew, wrecking crew" after every semi-significant defensive stand.  I wish I was around to truly absorb and enjoy the wrecking crew (I didn't begin my Aggie fan hood until I became a student), I have no doubt it was a beautiful sight, but I wasn't and I often feel like we are doing the real wrecking crew a disgrace when we continuously abuse the chant at questionable times.  Just my thought.  But I love the idea of Maroon Goons describing our future teams.  A bunch of football goons flying around a football field in maroon.  That sounds like something I want to root for. 
As for Outchea... I can't help but to think "ouchie" when I see it.  This doesn't give me much to work with unless I can mold it into something involving giving the other team an "ouchie".  But that is only if we are limiting it to the football field.  Is this term bigger than the gridiron?  Is this a social term that I have yet to be introduced to (I think that is obvious)?  I am going to have to ask DaVante himself... cause I am at a loss.
Also, is there a youtube sensation on the way for MaroonGoons or Outchea?  This seems like it should be in the works by some creative, media savvy college kids.  I sure hope so. 
The more I have read about or talked about or written about AggSwagg and MaroonGoons, the more I love it.  I love the positive energy, the unbridled optimism.  It's the offseason, and as far as I know we are going to be the SEC's next national champion.  Anything is possible for the Maroon Goons right?

Ben: The sky is the limit... But the ground is more realistic. At least in the near future. I know I'm going against a write-up we had on the Aggie Rundown here, but I really haven't bought into the "we are going to be better in the SEC than people think" argument. I just don't see it happening. The offense is going to hinge on the QB, and we don't even know who that is right now.
That said, I'm with you bro. I love the optimism, the new swagger, and the confidence that is flowing through the program and fan base right now. It is definitely an exciting time to be an Aggie. (Which reminds me, why did we have to attend A&M during the most mediocre period in A&M football history? This totally underscores your thought on the "wrecking crew" chants. So stupid and unnecessary. Epic fail!)
I like the idea of some kind of YouTube promotion for the new swagger. Historically speaking, A&M has a terrible track record when it comes to producing YouTube videos (Jerrod Johnson's "Thank You Aggieland" and the Yell Leaders' embarrassing "Tra-la-la" fiasco come to mind) but maybe someone with a little creativity and common sense can get the job done. I remember seeing a cool football video done by some students at Oregon recently. (Great, now I just opened Pandora's Box. I know you love all things Oregon...) All I ask is whoever produces said Aggie YouTube sensation, please don't beat it into our brains like Dude Perfect.
Big news out of Fort Worth today, as the Aggies' Big 12 replacement, TCU, gets busted for drugs! Imagine that. Rich kids and cocky athletes at private school were dealing narcotics. Never would have guessed that! You surely have some fiery opinions on the little Horned Frogs... Let's hear em!

Scott: Wait, I love all things Oregon? Where did you come up with that hogwash?  I am always entertained by their uniforms and maybe their offense from time to time, but do I love them? Absolutely not!  Honestly, after they stole Bralon Addison from us, they are definitely on my crap-list (made up list that I don't have).
Also, please don't remind me of the hardship we endured while attending Texas A&M and rooting for our beloved Aggies.  But you know what?  I am gonna again pepper you with positive energy and proclaim that it better prepared us to be truly thankful when we do turn this ship around for good!  Gotta know what it's like to be down, in order to full appreciate the greatness of the upswing.
Now to TCU... oh my... this could get ugly.  I grew up right near TCU and saw many of my friends go there, and in full disclosure, it killed me during college to see their team succeed (albeit against the most powderpuff competition possible) and my team sputter.  But I will stop myself there in regards to my own personal fanhood.  Now I definitely don't want to be naive and think that TCU is the only school who has drug dealing football players, I am sure tons of schools do.  Hopefully it reminds all the rest of the athletes that they aren't invincible and there are consequences to their actions.  They are student athletes who are receiving a higher education to play a sport they love.  Be thankful.  And I must stop myself there.
Wrap it up for me buddy!

Ben: So there you have it, another first-class email discussion between the two founders of the Rundown. Maybe someday we can join the 21st century and do some kind of podcast. For right now though, this is what we got.
From here on out, be expecting the pace of write-ups to increase slightly. I recently moved to Connecticut and Scott is in the middle of accounting busy season. The past month or so has been a little hectic, and we apologize for that. We have some big things planned for this spring, so check back often and spread the word! As always, thanks for your support. Email us at aggierundown@gmail.com or find us on twitter to give us your thoughts. Gig ‘em!

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