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Trey Bahney is back to share his opinions on the hottest trend in aggieland... AggSwagg; as always we appreciate his contributions and we hope everyone enjoys

What is #AggSwagg?

The #AggSwaggMovement is the future of A&M Football.

Do you feel like you’ve heard that line before? Me too. But before I make any promises about the saviors of A&M Football, let’s take a step back for a second and look at the pieces that are coming together.

The 2012 recruiting class will be a special recruiting class. It will go on the books as Kevin Sumlin’s first class at A&M (though, admittedly, the vast majority of the work was done by Sherman and staff), it will be the first class of A&M athletes to sign into the SEC, and it will be the first top fifteen recruiting class for A&M Football since Martellus Bennett picked up the A&M hat in 2005 (speaking of, did you know A&M had top 15 recruiting classes in 2002, 2003, and 2005? Thanks again Fran). But the main reason why the 2012 recruiting class will be special is because of Matt Davis and the #AggSwaggMovement.

#AggSwagg is the confidence that the class of 2012 has; they know they CAN win at A&M and knows they will do what it takes TO win at A&M. Don’t take my word for it, here is Matt Davis himself from his Twitter account @That_DavisGuy:

And see, I had to correct this dude the other day. He was like, “Man I see your interviews and you talk too big. You acting like A&M is yours”. I said “You see, you're going to call me cocky because I want to start as a freshman? You're saying I talk too big because I want to play LSU? So I guess I should be scared and walk into Death Valley or Tuscaloosa expecting to lose?” You see no matter where I am, and who I'm with: I'm going to be me. And part of being a leader is being different from the pack, so that’s me. And that's another thing, People think we're saying we're better than the team with the #AggSwaggMovement and stuff. That's false.

We just want to win. Period.

This #AggSwagg is more than just a name. That's the brotherhood we have. That's having each others back. That's hard work. That's #AggSwagg. I was raised to win. Win At all times. If you're playing chess, win. If you're running, win. That's how I was raised. It's a learned habit.

See most people don't understand that, my next tweet will be one of the realest you've read: Winning and losing are both learned habits. If you lose a lot and you're a loser, you allowed that to happen.” 

Words like this don’t fall on deaf ears, they are heard by other big name recruits who agree. Trey Williams, Jordan Richmond, and De’Vante Harris are other 2012 Aggie Signees and avid users of the #AggSwagg hashtag. Even 2013 Under Armor All-American QB commit Khol Stewart has jumped on the #AggSwagg boat. While these guys still have a little while to get on campus (note: Matt Davis graduated in December and is already on campus so he can play spring ball), there’s someone else who is already living up to the #AggSwagg expectations: Texas A&M President, Dr. Bowen Loftin.

“Bow-tie” Loftin doesn’t refer to his leadership as “swag”, but he definitely carries confidence and hard work with him wherever he goes. In the summer of 2011, Dr. Loftin called Mike Slive, Commissioner of the SEC, and discussed a conference transition for Texas A&M University from the Big 12 to the SEC. He saw the writing on the wall (the lackluster leadership/structure/regulations in the Big 12), made a decision, and followed through with that decision. It took months of hard work and meticulous planning to navigate the muddy media waters, but he got the job done and made the right (and hopefully winning) move for the future of A&M Athletics.

Matt Davis and Dr. Bowen Loftin share a similar passion to be the best and to be amongst the best. As Matt Davis said “part of being a leader is being different than the pack,” and that could not ring more true than right now during this stage of transition at Texas A&M. We’re entering the League of Champions with determined leaders who know that winning is a learned habit. That’s #AggSwagg. That’s the future of Texas A&M Football.

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