Monday, January 9, 2012

SEC Growing Pains?

What is better in life than a pro-Aggie rant? Very little I tell you. Trey Bahney subs in to explain why the constant notion of "A&M's SEC growing pains" is unfair and borderline ridiculous. As always we thank him for his thoughts and contributions. Enjoy!

I'm sick of it!

I'm sick of reading and hearing all this trash about how we will have "growing pains" in the SEC. How we should bring lots of patience and accept that we just won't win any football games for the first two decades. I'm sick of reading how we won't be able to adjust to their size and speed. How we think that an offensive team won’t survive in the defensive league. How players from Texas are good, but they just aren't the same caliber as the ones from SEC Country.

The thing is, we don't know. You can make the case that the SEC is the best conference in the nation, but you can also make the case that the Big 12 is the best, because it is subjective. No one knows; and when you look at the stats, many point towards the Big 12. The Big 12 had the #1 SOS while the SEC had the #2 SOS. The Big 12 went 27-3 (90%) against other conferences while the SEC went 42-6 (88%). Take out the third quarter of the Arkansas game and that would make it 93% for the Big 12 and 85% for the SEC.

Everyone was upset when we let Robbert Griffin III put up a school record 430 yards passing on us, but look at what he did after that game: 425 yards to #3 OSU, 406 yards to Mizzou, 479 yards to #5 OU, he single-handedly led BAYLOR to a 9-3 season, oh yea and won the Heisman. Don't get me wrong, I can't STAND Robert “#humblebrag” Griffin. He is a little too self-righteous for his own good (see his quote before the A&M game, "They don't like us, but we love them because we're Christians"), but his stats are impressive.

My point here is that the SEC is so well known for their defenses, but the case could be made that it is because their offenses are often so ordinary (except for Arkansas). The Big 12 stacks their best players on offense while the SEC stacks their best players on defense. Guess what, that means they don't have any good players on offense. Go ahead and bring up Tebow, Ingram, and Trent Richardson, I'll rebuttal with Bradford, McCoy (Colt, not Case), Griffin, Weeden, Chase Daniels, Blaine Gabbert, Broyles, Crabtree, Dez Bryant, and Blackmon. All of which have been terrorizing A&M defenses for years.

LSU won their biggest game of the season (in OT) by scoring a total of three field goals. OSU won their biggest game of the season by scoring 44 points in three quarters. The SEC is top heavy and they play one less conference game than the Big 12. Consider this, had the Big 12 stayed with their 8 game conference schedule, OSU wouldn't have had to play Iowa State. That's not to say it's an excusable loss (in double OT, hours after the tragic plane crash), but it's just one more opportunity to slip up that an SEC team didn't have.

Speaking of Arkansas, please stop bringing up how Arkansas had to go through "growing pains" 20 years ago when they joined the SEC. They came from the dying Southwest Conference; EVERYONE had growing pains after leaving that dump of a conference. Not to mention they completely cut off their Texas recruiting, which was 90% of their recruiting base. News flash: Arkansas is not in Texas, Texas A&M is.

We left the Big 12 because their leadership is failing the athletic programs and the universities as a whole, not because they have bad football teams. We left the Big 12 because it is a league of tag-along programs that are addicted to their own drug—Texas High School recruits—and will give up their dignity (see Ken Starr’s Perryman Report) and freedom of speech (does OSU even have an AD?) to keep getting their fix.

Even if I concede to the SEC being the better league (especially after we leave), we were stacked to make a run to a BCS game this year in the hands-down second best league. The games we lost were because of coaching, not talent. So we're getting a new coach, pulling in a top 10 recruiting class, expanding our stadium, and expanding our already top of the line facilities. We've made it clear now that Texas A&M will not settle for mediocrity.

I'm not saying we are going to the National Championship game next year, but I am saying that I'm sick of this defeatist attitude people have about the future of our program. We have the talent, the recruiting grounds, the fan support, the facilities, the brand, and the history to win in the SEC and win right away.


  1. Amen on the bad offenses in the SEC. The quarterback leading the #1 LSU Tigers in the title game tonight has equally frightful mechanics as the quarterback that led the #1 Florida Gators to national championships a few years ago. When you have a stellar defense picking up a touchdown or two against bad offenses, there's little pressure on the offense to score.

    Also, let's tailgate the hell out of the SEC next year since that's another area they're supposedly superior.

  2. Agree 100%. Why try to be better than Bama or LSU at their own game? Rarely do you see prolific SEC offenses with great quarterbacks. A&M's built in advantage going in is having our pick at Texas HS quarterbacks that spend all fall passing in spread offenses and all summer playing 7 on 7. Arkansas' most successful SEC years were behind Ryan of the few Texas qb's they've had since joining.

  3. Great point Brett. We can't overlook the fact that Texas HS is currently built around an offensive game. Of course no one wants to ignore defense, but we have and will continue to have an upper hand in offensive minded Texas recruits.

  4. Missouri will have growing pains. A&M will transition much more easily. In terms of talent, money, facilities and recruiting footprint, A&M fits right in. The only people spouting off about A&M's growing pains are sour grapes Big 12 fans whose team would have done the same if afforded the opportunity, and I say this as an Iowa State fan. Can't blame Missouri either, but they have a tougher road.