Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Sick of "Playing Not to Lose"

I didn’t grow up rooting for the Texas A&M Aggies; I only adopted the bad habit when I first set foot in College Station some five years ago. Strangely enough, I grew up in Texas following a similarly underachieving program in the frigid cold of East Lansing – Michigan State University. My father attended Michigan State and as I grew older I slowly began to understand his ridiculous fandom, when I did, I became a fan too. To keep the comparison brief, the Michigan State Spartans live in the shadow of the University of Michigan Wolverines to the common fan (just as many perceive the Aggies in comparison to the Longhorns). In all reality, that is fair. Decades of dominance deserve recognition (although the arrogance that comes with it does not). Plain and simple, Michigan State torments their fan base, just like Texas A&M. So while not an Aggie fan for life, I did grow up in a similar alternate fan universe.

The most memorable motif from watching the Spartans with my father was his constant proclamation (which was usually on target) that the Spartans often “played not to lose” as opposed to “playing to win”. To quickly explain, the Spartans would find themselves in the desirable position of winning a high-caliber game, and then poof! The ferocity? Gone! The intensity? Also gone! The lead? Usually gone. They would abandon what got them to that desirable position and adopt a prevent defense and simple-minded offense. I watched Michigan State throw away countless games, which no doubt nearly forced my Dad into cardiac arrest every time. And guess what? This awful theme just so happened to rear its ugly ahead again this year, with the Aggies.

2011 was going to be different. I am usually quite the skeptical fan. I often don’t believe in our quarterback (Stephen McGee and Jerrod Johnson) or our coach (Dennis Franchione). But this year was different. I was sold on Ryan Tannehill, and I thought Coach Sherman had finally built the team he wanted. Then came the Oklahoma State game, then the Arkansas game, then the rest of this catastrophic season. 2011 hurt the most, because I finally let my guard down and chose to believe.

The Arkansas game burns the most in my mind (specifically the countless punts on 4th and short near midfield). I thought to myself, “Our running attack is averaging nearly 10 YARDS PER CARRY! You don’t have confidence in a Cyrus sweep? What about a Christine iso? What about a Tannehill zone read?” Wow. Sherman lost me in that game. In my opinion (you aren’t forced to agree) he stopped “playing to win” in that game and started “playing not to lose”. And that was when I stopped “believing we were good” and started “hoping we might be good”.

Say what you want about LSU’s Les Miles, but that guy has some guts. Some say he coaches like he is playing a video game – if he does, then I hope Texas A&M wises up and hires the premiere NCAA/Madden player our nation has to offer. Maybe that kid (well hopefully kid… and not middle-aged adult) would have the brash confidence to go for it and step up when the moment demands it.

Say what you want about Bob Stoops, but that guy is ruthless. Some say he can’t win the big one, but at least he can get to the big one. And you know what? Bob Stoops yearns to annihilate the other team. I am sure this season nearly killed him. Stoops doesn’t look to just win, but absolutely destroy everything about the opponent. I don’t care if it is unsportsmanlike. You know what else is unsportsmanlike? What the A&M football team has done to my emotions over the past five years. I don’t find much solace in being a “good loser”.

Whoever the Aggies look to hire as coach, I hope it is someone with a bit of fire in their belly. Sherman is a good coach in his own right, and maybe Aggieland just wasn’t his cup of tea. I want some raw emotion, some fearless calls. I want to win when we aren’t supposed to purely because of our grit, creativity, and determination. I want to lose knowing we took every chance afforded to us by that elusive play clock.

One nice thing about going to the SEC… we will be underdogs. And whoever is leading our underdog team, I hope they aren’t afraid to defy the norm, and start their own tradition. What if I don’t really want another Wrecking Crew? What if I want something new? Heck, I don’t care what it is; I just want winners, and a coach who PLAYS TO WIN on the gridiron.

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  1. This is very true. I think we need to stop going for old coaches with "experience". The reason being is that, either a coach has won enough by their late 40's to be at their dream job already, or they have enough losses under their belt that they are used to losing. I don't want anyone who knows how to lose.